Friday, November 18, 2011

Three Eyes ~ Camera-Critters #189

Most of you know (and are probably sick of hearing about) how much I love my pond. It's probably my favorite place to be (with our woods coming in a close second). When I'm back at the pond, it's a form of therapy for me. I can empty my mind and let my stresses and worries go, and I can just "be". Everyone needs a place where they can just "be".

I don't have any Remote Control Boats to play with (although that would be loads of fun), but I do have fishing poles. I also have a camera, and I meet many friends back at my pond, such as "Three Eyes", who is the star of this week's Camera-Critters post.

(c) Misty DawnS

Where is YOUR place where you can let go and just "be"???

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A happy and content froggy. I have a pond up the street where I can watch frogs and just be.

Kay L. Davies

I used to live across a dirt road from a duck pond. The water wasn't blue like this, however!
Great shot of the frog, Misty. He seems to be relaxing and just being, too.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


Cool capture of your three eye frog. Your pond does sound nice. I love to be in any kind of nature scene. Have a wonderful weekend!


What a cute frog shot! Great reflection in that lovely pond.


Love your little frog. Your pond has always sounded a lovely relaxing place to be. My happy place is anywhere outdoors in nature.


lil one decided to take a swim... wonder if he/she is standing on the bottom, the water looks shallow

happy weekend =)


I love his little legs under the water
he's so sweet


That is a nice one, 3 eyes, haha, it could sometimes be 4 eyes too! I also love removing some dried leaves and find some critters there, whatever they sometimes look like.


What a great pic of this cute critter!

i beati

Everyone has great photos today !!

EG CameraGirl

I love walking in a forest, any forest. OR on the edge of a lake or river. :)


Kermit has all his eyes on you, eh?

Nice calm day that day. Good photo.


I can only imagine having a pond in the back yard and trying to keep the dogs from chasing the frogs!


I like the way that he appears so relaxed and interested in what you are doing...

I use my walks to relax and just be...

Beyond the Dog Dish

Great clarity!! He appears to be quite content just floating and chill'n!

~ Debbie



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