Friday, December 2, 2011

Daddy's Boy Looking Dapper ~ Camera Critters #191

For those of you who haven't been visiting my blog for long...

First, thank you for visiting! :-D

Now, let me tell you about this blog's namesakes. We have three Border Collies. Yes, I often ask Hubs why in the world we would not only choose a breed of dog which often makes us feel inferior in intelligence, but we chose THREE of that breed. I guess we enjoy having 'kids' who challenge our intelligence. Besides, Border Collies are like Lay's potato chips... ya can't have just one. ;-)

Today's Camera-Critters star is Tag. Tag is our male Border Collie, and he's Daddy's dog through and through. In fact, other than Daddy, he doesn't have any use for people. In fact, other than Daddy, most people don't have any use for Tag. He has a tendency to make you feel very unwelcome.

Yes, Taggy has his issues, but we love him anyway. In fact, he's probably the most intelligent of our dogs. Yet, most people don't get to see what an amazing animal Tag is, because his insecurity and one-person-dogness (yeah, I just made that up) prevents it.

Regardless, he's our boy, and we love him.

(c) Misty DawnS

Tag's favorite thing in the world is working with his 'Dad', whether it be out on the farm or getting to stay in the truck while Dad works his day job. Although Tag could probably figure out a zumba playstation, he'd much rather Santa bring him some farm equipment for Christmas. Tag LOVES farm equipment!


Horst in Edmonton

What a dashing fellow, yes he even looks very smart. Great photo of him.


Quite handsome he is!


Tag is a beautiful looking dog. I like the sound of his uniqueness.

Kay L. Davies

He's a good-lookin' fella, alright, no doubt about that, and Border Collies really are smart.
Lindy is her daddy's girl. I'm sure she loves me, too, but she adores her daddy.
-- K


He's very beautiful!


He is certainly a beautiful Border Collie! (And he knows it too, I'm sure!)

Trixie and Tori are my aussies, but when I moved here, Tori switched allegiance to my hubby, while hubby's choc lab, Ringo, switched allegiance to me! Tori absolutely adores Tom, and she gets upset if he goes outside without her.


Tag is a beautiful dog. Great photos. Have a great weekend!


Handsome Tag looks like he's full of enthusiasm and energy!


You're right about 'ya can't have just one'! My parents had 2 for years & they're wonderful dogs, yes, very intelligent! =)
And, Tag IS looking quite dapper, indeed! Heheheee


Tag is precious!
My Rudy is MY Rudy. He originally was my son's dog, but grew attached to me. He tolerates the rest of the family, but gets very upset when guests come to visit. It's ok ... we love him just the way he is!

Carolina Mts

Sounds like he has plenty to keep him busy!


He is a dashing boy!


he does look dapper with his red scarf
he's a manly man :)


Tag is such a beautiful boy!


Tag looks good in red 8v)

Is it true that "Tag" is short for "Tag-along" because he's always with your husband?


Tag is a very handsome dude! Happy Critter Day and thanks for hosting!

i beati

smartest dog in the world experts say

Adrienne Zwart

He is a very handsome dog, Misty. Love the red bandana!

Hootin' Anni

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, dapper indeed. What a handsome Collie. I want to send along an ear scratch and a whisper of sweet nothings in his ear!!!


My Sunday Blog post link is: If a Tree Falls in the Swamp -do you hear it?

Hope you're having a glorious day!!

Natalie and my Border Collie

The red scarf added to the strong personality of the dog. Great photo.

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