Friday, December 16, 2011

Missing My Bugs ~ Camera-Critters #193

If you read my last post, which shows my over-excessive excitement about insect ornaments, and then you see the photo in this post... you'll quickly figure out that I've reached that point of the year when I'm missing my bugs. Yes, I realize I'm quite the different individual, cuz most people don't miss bugs... but, hey, they're my favorite photography subjects!

Seriously, look at this critter. People would LOVE to have an outfit like this critter wears!

(c) Misty DawnS

Don't worry, you'll only have to put up with my whining about missing bugs for another several months. That's all. ;-)



Ohhhh heis shiny! and such pretty colors.


That one is a beauty. I miss bugs too, mostly honey bees and lady bugs but I love them all.

Hootin' Anni

It is so very colorful. And now, I must go and see your 'buggy ornaments'.


It is shiny and has pretty colors. Great capture!


Yes this beetle is lovely, and i smiled when you said you are missing them. Do you also miss its cousins? I wonder if you will also miss its other life stages, e.g. the grubs! I have them in my post now!


Lovely little bug, such a pretty coat.


He/She is all dressed up! Beautiful coloring!


Like a jewel!


I apologize for my three posted photos; they're not triplets, just an error on my part. Sorry!!


this is a bug suitable for christmas I think. At least when it comes to colors. Nice shot. :)


Beetles are cool bugs...especially the one with the green sheen. I don't see any of those here. Only large black ones that stink.


Those are some amazing colors! I don't enjoy bugs in real life, but they definitely make interesting photography subjects. You have such amazing photos on your site!

Maude Lynn

Awesome shot!


That is certainly a beautiful outfit. I have to say I don't enjoy bugs, but I can appreciate some of them.

sarah c

OOOO very nice! I just added a pair of Dansko clogs that are shiny & look like this on my Christmas list :)
He/she is cool!


That is one cool bug!


Very colorful nice shot!

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