Friday, January 13, 2012

Barred Owl ~ Camera-Critters #197

Hubs does it again! I sure love when he finds me things to photograph.

On Monday, I had got home from my day job and was just getting started on quite a bit of work for my second job when the phone rang.

"Hello." I said

"Grab your camera and get ready to jump in the truck." He said

and we both hung up.

and I did as instructed.

and we drove to the end of our road.

and we saw this.

and I photographed it.

and it flew away.

I just love when he finds me things to photograph.

(c) Misty DawnS



The fencepost makes a perfect perch!


Oh boy, what a brilliant picture. Bless the hubs, and you for sharing that beautiful owl with us.


I hope he got a huge hug for that one!
What a wonderful shot!
That little owl chose that pristine white post and posed beautifully.


beautiful capture, Misti!


Nice shot of an interesting bird. Barred Owls aren't around my area, but they are found a bit north of me.

Good find, good shot.


What a sweet hubby you have.

This owl reminds me of my mother..she collected owls and loved spotting them in the wild.


What an amazingly clear shot! I would love to see such an owl in the wild.


Wow how lucky to catch this shot! My hubs look for photo ops for me too!

Adrienne Zwart

I just love that he called you and whisked you away to photograph something. Sounds like a very special guy. And the photo is perfect!


This one prompted an "Ah!" when I scrolled down to your photo. Perfection! BTW, my dog doesn'
t keep me sane but I sure do love him. As I did a crazy border collie named Zack who was with me for almost 16 years. How old is the little beauty in your header?



Kay L. Davies

What a great husband, what a great photo op, and how wonderful the owl waited for you. A three-fer.


oh wow!! he is magnificent


He is a beauty! Thanks to your hubby! Great photo!


WOW! Beautiful bird. I love this -- that's (in my opinion) the best kind of gift a sweet husband could give you.


Beautiful shot! My hubby does the same thing...he is always finding things for me to photograph....I love it!


I think I'm in love! I adore Owls. Wonderful shot! Happy Critter Day!


I love the shot - and enjoyed the sense of urgency in the phone call...we do the same thing at my house. One of us will quietly call, "get the camera and meet me..." and there we go. It is wonderful to share a passion! What a great reward at the end!


What a great shot.



Misty, that's a gorgeous shot! The magnificent owl is looking right at the camera and the sky is so incredibly blue!


Wow - that is magnificent!


That's awesome that he's 'on the watch' for you! Very cool & very beautiful capture, Misty! =)

EG CameraGirl

What a cool husband you have! (I;d be jealous, but I have one who finds me photos too, so we are both very, VERY lucky.)

Great shot of the owl. I tried just last week to get a good photo of a great horned owl. What a failure! But hey! Yours turned out so well!


How nice not to even work at finding such a great picture.

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What a great shot! How nice to have someone on the lookout for you.

Hootin' Anni's like as if he stopped and posed for the camera.

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Lovely capture, owls are so rarely seen in the daytime. Lovely composition and he matches the background, thanks for sharing:)

Jidhu Jose

nice shot ..its looking to u

Camera Critters

Cindy Beck, author

Love that shot! I always see them at dusk, when it's super hard to snap a good photo, especially hand-held.


Oh how exciting! He's georgous.


Great shot, I love owls, and it's hard to find them to take shots as well.

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