Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sparrows & Snow ~ Camera-Critters #199

You seemed to like my photo of the American Tree Sparrow in last week's Camera-Critters. So, I thought I'd share another photo of a sweet little Tree Sparrow, who was hanging out by the pond.

(c) Misty DawnS

I've got another update for any of you who actually enjoy my constant wonder at the strange weather we've had all winter. Thursday, we got up to 51 degrees. Hubs had stayed home from work to work cattle that day, and he said the weather was awesome. Yesterday, while at work, Hubs called and told me that I may want to start heading home. I asked why, and he said it was snowing and starting to stick on the roads. So, even though there was absolutely no snow at work, I headed home. Boy, was I glad I did! All of a sudden I found the snow and was glad I was driving in it then, rather than later when it was worse on the roads. Now, it looks like a winter wonderland outside. You know how when there's a fairly big snow, if you stand outside, you can hear every little noise? Well, so does Maggie May, who is currently out there barking at every noise she hears. She's giving me a Houston migraine (that's a migraine the size of Houston, for those of you who don't know).

Anyway... That's my weather update for the week. Back to our regularly scheduled program...



Lovely shot of the Sparrow!
We've pretty much escaped winter this year, having had barely a dusting of snow.


Misty, your sparrow photos are so gorgeous! The clarity and contrast exceptional.


I love your little sparrow, such a beautiful shot. This winter weather is strange isn't it. Glad you got home before the snow got too bad. I look outside and it's sunny and going to get up to 54 degrees today. I'll be out with my camera.


Loved the photo of the little sparrow. We have been spared a bad winter, so far, and praying it continues to be decent weather. We rarely get a lot of snow, but boy, when we do, it paralyzes the entire area! Glad you made it home safely. Stay warm and have a great weekend!

☆Mama Ko☆

poor little sparrow, it looks like it was freezing cold standing in that branches . great shot though, so clear


You sparrow is cute, great capture. The weather has bee weird here too, cold one day and warm the next. I am not complaining though, I love the warmer temps. Have a great weekend!

Random Vintage Square

I keep hearing the cardinals in the yard but have not seen them in ages! Sparrows? I haven't seen one in ages!

sarah c

I love the photo! Love how his little beak is open. Glad you got home in time to enjoy the snow. It has been crazy here too.
Also (not that I hardly ever post) but some how I managed to delete all my followers on my blog. So if you want to join again I'll try not to delete ya ;)


Very pretty sparrow our weather has been crazy too.Nice shot!


Sounds like a winter wonderland there now. 8v) Tree Sparrow shot.


Beautiful picture! It really has been a strange winter.

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful photo.

Regards and best wises

Scott F

Very nice shot, congrats on beating the snow home.

Chronicles of Illusions

Love the photo of the sparrow - the clarity is wonderful

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