Friday, February 24, 2012

Leaf Surfing ~ Camera-Critters #203

When I look at this photo of this grasshopper, I can help but start humming The Beach Boys song "Surfin Safari". To me, it looks like he is surfing, and the leaf is his surf board. Yes, I've admitted long ago that I have some issues. ;-)

(c) Misty DawnS

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Kay L. Davies

Well, if he's surfing, you and your camera must be surfing on the leaf right behind him!
Good shot, Misty!


He does look like he is surfing. Lovely little critter Misty.


What a Beauty. He really is. I cant wait to see a few not many but a few soon .


Great critter and capture, Misty! Happy weekend!


Wonderful shot, Misty. I think he's surfing, too! :D :D Happy Critter Day and thanks for hosting!


It's a great photo...but I didn't think surfing. However, I can truthfully say I NEVER think is a nice shot of the grasshopper. I immediately thought of Kung Fu...of course I guess I just dated muyself!


Great Macro:)


Nice critter capture!

Tatjana Parkacheva

Nice macro shot.

Regards and best wishes


Hummm...I go on photo safaris, you go on surfin' safaris.

Yes..there are some issues there...somewhere...hehe.


Sweet shot, Misty. Love the colors.


A great closeup of the 'surfing' grasshopper!

Sallie (

NIce shot! Later in the Spring, we have these huge grasshoppers here (in Florida)called lubbers. They're so big they're kind of scary.

Thank you for hosting CC.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

great capture for Camera Critters


Perfect shot!


Great shot of the 'surfer'!


I think that stroke is called the "bug paddle"!

Karin / Southern Meadows

What a colorful grasshopper. I usually see the brown boring looking ones.

Kerri Farley

A Beautiful Hopper!! I'm getting Spring FEVER and really miss these little guys!!

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