Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Good Dog by Susan Wilson ~ A Book Review

I just finished reading the book One Good Dog by Susan Wilson. I read the book in about three days, which basically translates as "I couldn't stop reading it", but I tend to get like that when a dog is involved.

This is the story of a man, who thinks he has everything, subsequently thinks he loses everything, and then realizes he never had what really mattered in the first place. In other words, there's more to life than money (Honest, there is!).

Then, there's the dog, who also narrates the story. A Pit Bull (don't gasp). Y'all know I'm a sucker for any dog... especially one who can narrate a book! Besides this dog immediately won me over (shocking, I know).

To be honest, this book tells the story you would expect. Man gives up and loses hope; Man and dog find each other; Dog makes man realize there is more to life. Yes, it's what you'd expect, but that's why you pick and read (or download, in my case) a book like this... because you are wanting that story.

Susan Wilson does not disappoint with that story. She obviously has experience with dogs, and I loved how she shared the narration of the book with the dog. I always picture the events while I'm reading a book, and it was enjoyable to find myself picturing it from a dog's perspective.

One Good Dog was a quick read, because I HAD to know how things turned out for everyone. There were some turns I didn't expect, and some I did, and I enjoyed each and every one.

I'll certainly be looking for more books by Susan Wilson.

*** There is no disclaimer, because I did not receive this book for free. I paid for and downloaded the book. I am providing you with this review, because I enjoyed the book and think you would too. If you read it, let me know what you think!***

P.S. On a side note - I can totally see this as a movie, and I totally see Tom Hanks sitting on that bench with the dog. Seriously... don't you see Tom Hanks sitting there? O.K., maybe I'm having Forrest Gump flashbacks.


Kay L. Davies

No, you're right, definitely Tom Hanks.
Pit bulls can be great dogs if they're brought up properly. All dogs likewise.
If the dog is narrating, then he's still alive, right? So it's safe for me to read it?

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