Friday, March 30, 2012

Border Collie Pose ~ Camera-Critters #208

I had been back at the pond trying a few casts, and Hubs was up by the house cutting wood for our outdoor wood burner. Tag was, as always, 'helping' his dad. No, I do not take the dogs back to the pond with me when I'm going fishing. Why? Well, because I have three Border Collies, two of whom love the water (ESPECIALLY Tag). I swear, if we had a swimming pool, we'd need a swimming pool safety fence not because they can't swim, but in order to keep them outta the pool. They immediately run for the water!

So, when I walked back up from fishing, Tag decided to pose on some of the big logs for me. Why? Because his Daddy asked him to, of course. Tag's purpose in life, other than to herd farm equipment, is to please his Dad!

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Horst in Edmonton



What a Beauty.
I did have one . He did get somekind of lung infection from something he ate here on the farm or breathed in.
I lost him a few years ago.
They are so smart. I would have another but my husband says no. :)


Tag looks so majestic!


Ewww, who wants fishy smelling collies? I'd leave 'em home too!

Tag is lovely!


I'm not playing today but I did want to drop by to wish CC a very happy 4th anniversary!!!

*gives Tag ear scratches*


he's a gorgeous boy. :)

Poetic Shutterbug

Such a playful and gorgeous boy. Great shot.

EG CameraGirl

Tag is a good dog to obey his dad! Neat photo!


Happy 4th anniversary!


*throws a tractor* Tag! Fetch!


Tag is a beautiful, great pose and photo. Have a great weekend, Misty!


He posed most handsomely.

Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

Vita Stunder

What a beauty!

What a handsome boy he is! Great pose.
Happy 4th blog anniversary!


Handsome and obedient :) Our Lab had her own little kiddie pool.


Great model! He's a handsome fellow.


He is such a fun looking guy! Great shot.


great fellow. :)
We had a Border Collie when I was a child. Her name was Ketty and she always looked after me. But she seems th have been much smaller then your dog.


Great pose! He is very photogenic :)

Oz Girl

I have to agree, Tag is VERY photogenic, but I think he knows it too! LOL :-)


That's a nice smile he has. 8v)

He even looks quite friendly in that photo.

Gardening in a Sandbox

He makes a handsome model. V


He looks like he's playing king of the mountain.


Great shot of handsome Tag.


Very handsome boy!!

Mama Zen

What a beauty!


Oh, what a fabulous dog! So handsome!

Betty Roan

He sure is a handsome fella and a lot more obedient than mine.

Jidhu Jose

Cute Rabbit

Lina Gustina

Awesome pose :)

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