Friday, March 9, 2012

Camera-Critters #205

(c) Misty DawnS

Yes, this is a photo from a previous year... that would be because I haven't got out with the camera lately. However, I have noticed lately, with the beautiful weather we've had, that the Meadowlarks are appearing! In fact, on my drive home lately, I'm seeing many of them! WooHoo! That's a sign of spring to me, even beyond the Robins or Red-Winged Blackbirds. The Meadowlarks mean that spring is here or fast approaching! Oh my, how I love those beautiful, bright, yellow bellies!!! I wish I had a hammock with stand so I could just hangout by the pond and wait for them to hang out with me on the fence posts. Meadowlarks are one of my favorite birds. They used to be so elusive to me, but lately, I've learned how to approach them and make them comfortable with me.

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Horst in Edmonton

The Meadowlark is an awesome bird. they used to sit on telephone poles where I lived on the farm, and sing their hearts out on beautiful days. Now that I live in the city I don't hear them any more. Will have to spend some time in the countryside so that I can possibly hear them again. Great photo of these beautiful birds.


I have been seeing all sorts of birds lately...geese and robins mostly. But enough to convince me that Spring is here :)


The Meadowlarks are beautiful birds, great capture Misty!


Great shots of these birds! I am SO ready for spring - I will take any sign! Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

Hootin' Anni me jealous!!!! Most definitely...I haven't seen this species since I don't know when!! We don't get them this far south, but I hear they're up farther north in Texas. I love to hear their song.

GONE BIRDIN'! is my camera critter link for the day. Hope you can stop by...and have a lovely weekend.


Love this composition!
Spring is coming and with daylight savings time this weekend I'm looking forward to getting out a lot.


I love the one who seems to be singing to the sky


Great action shot. I can't imagine it would be very easy to land on barbed wire!


very cool shot, love the focus =)

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful photo.

Regards and best wishes


Such a great shot!


Yes, the Meadow Lark is a beautiful bird. I like their song also.


Nice shot! Looks like he's attracting some attention with his song.


Beautiful birds and great shot. I'm not even sure if the meadowlark is native to our area. It's one of those birds I've never seen.

EG CameraGirl

How neat to see them along the fence.

Lisa Gordon

Misty, this is absolutely beautiful!

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