Friday, March 16, 2012

Eviction ~ Camera-Critters #206

My dogs have pens attached to our barn. Eventually, we plan to turn the loft of our barn into a studio and recreation area, as it is a nice wide-open area, which would provide room and a chance to 'get away' a bit, even though it is right across the driveway from the house. I've loved our barn, ever since we moved here, and our 'very-far-in-the-future' plans for this barn are very exciting to me.

However, it looks like we'll have to clear out a few residents, before we can proceed with our plans. I'm thinking some durham house cleaning service wouldn't be a bad idea either! Geesh, these guys don't even pay rent! An eviction is definitely in order, then!

(c) Misty DawnS

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Ha, great capture. I am sure the critters love your barn. have a great weekend!


Nice photo...but understand why they have to go!

Hootin' Anni

Cool image...and not only that, but your blog post title is so fitting.


Happy St. Pat's Day to you.

Tatjana Parkacheva

Very nice photo.

Regards and best wishes


I love this photo! Your plans for the loft sound wonderful - what a great space that will be!


Oh yeah! That would freak me right out.


A loft/studio sounds like a great plan. Perhaps the unwanted residents could be given an alternative home?


Hummm....a pigeon coop in the loft.

Interesting concept.

EG CameraGirl

Yes, they do need to go. If you clean up after them, make sure you wear a mask!

Kay L. Davies

We've been talking for years about doing something interesting with the room over our garage, and we haven't gone up there to check it since we had starlings nesting under the eaves last year, so we don't know if we have a similar problem.
Cute photo, though.

Maude Lynn

Lovely capture!


Beautiful, love this photo!

Kerri Farley

What a colorful dove/pigeon!

sarah c

Love it. Your future plans of a barn studio sound lovely.


Oh that would be SO cool, a studio barn loft... and the pigeon is actually pretty when you look at the different colors in his feathers, but I do understand how they might interfere with the workings of a barn loft. Pigeon poo and photo prints do not go well together. LOL

Lisa Gordon

As I read this I am smiling, Misty. A few years ago, we purchased an old barn and "turned it into" a small getaway second home. I cannot tell you the creatures we had to evict along the way!

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