Thursday, March 1, 2012

Suzanne Collins ~ Surprised, Amazed, & Hooked

Since my wonderful Hubs got me the NOOK Tablet I begged wished for as a Christmas gift, I've gotten back into reading for enjoyment. Let me tell ya - it's amazing how good that is for me emotionally. I knew I missed reading, but I don't think I completely realized how much I missed it, and the full effect of how important reading is for me. This is been wonderful, especially during the winter, when I tend to slip into a bit of a depression, since I'm not out doing nature photography.

Anyway... on to the purpose of this post! Ramble much, Misty?

I finished The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1) by Suzanne Collins on Sunday, and immediately began the second book of the trilogy. I honestly had no interest in reading this book. "Not my thing," I thought. Then, some of my friends on GoodReads were highly (and I mean HIGHLY) recommending this book. These friends read the same type of books I do, and they were commenting that they didn't expect to like this book but ended up loving it. They were giving it FIVE STARS. WTH?

So, I looked it up. It was on sale. I bought it. The rest, as they say, is history. I immediately started caring about the characters. That's what drew me into this book. I found myself emotionally attached to these characters, and I.Could.Not.Stop.Reading. I read it in approximately two days. Yes, I did other things around the house, but that's the beauty of the Nook Tablet... it's lightweight, lighted, and easy to carry (and my aunt got me a case that props it up). So, while I did other things around the house, I was still reading.
Sunday, I finished it and immediately started the second book. I had purchased books two and three Sunday morning, because I knew I would immediately want to continue the story. I'm hooked.

I'd tell you more about the plot of the book, but you can read that in reviews EVERYWHERE. I just wanted to share what this book did for me, as someone who seriously had no intention of ever reading it.

***P.S. I did not receive a free copy of this book for review. I paid for all three books of the trilogy out-of-my-own-little-pocket (well, actually, the gift card my aunt got me). There is no sponsor of this post. In fact, you may note that the graphic at the top of the post takes you to Amazon. Yet the links, my Nook, and Nook books are from Barnes & Noble. You see... I'm an equal-opportunity book lover... it's the story that matters, not where you bought it. :-) ***



I could not agree more! It has been over a month since I have read them and I am still thinking about the characters. My husband, a non-reader, is now on the 2nd book. My daughter wants to marry Peeta. And I want her to, also. Hee!! I am so glad you enjoyed it so! And welcome back to reading!


I've been wondering about these books
the trailer for the movie looks so disturbing and I don't know if I need any more sad stuff yet your review is inspiring

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