Friday, April 6, 2012

Does My Head Make My Shell Look Big ~ Camera-Critters #209

When we were having unseasonably warm temperatures, the turtles decided to start showing themselves. I tried to get a better shot of this big 'un, but it disappeared when I attempted to get closer. Don't worry, I don't make a habit of trying to pet the turtles in our pond. Are you crazy? There's big ol' Snappers in there!

Oh, and if you think this guy is big... just wait til you see THE SNAKE!!! But, I'll save it for another post. :-)

(c) Misty DawnS

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Carole M.

good photo opportunity; not easy to pick them up I'm sure (in the camera that is)


He looks pretty big! It must be fun to watch the wildlife activity in your own pond.

Hootin' Anni

OMGosh...this is one INCREDIBLE image. No..."you look MAHvelous"!!!

Jenn Jilks

I love the snappers! Garbage men of the deep!


An adorable shot!


That is a great shot for such a shy creature.


You are brave doing this nice shot... knowing a big snapper and a snake in this pond!


Great pic!

This is my very first Camera Critters!



The ones I see over here (in UK) usually submerge at the slightest disturbace!


Snappers & Snakes! YiKeS!


I agree - the snappers I might be willing to chance...since I am pretty sure I can outrun them...but the snakes?!? No Way! Nice catch of the elusive turtle!


Definitely a cool turtle shot. Did he break into a couple of bars of "Happy Together"?


Whoa! I must be more tired than I thought. I had to enlarge it twice before I saw the silly shell.

Nicely done. I wouldn't mind having one of those around here.


Snappers are scary, but I'm always looking for them. Good close up.

Tanya Breese

a couple of years ago i found the cutest little baby snapper...he was so tiny! i released him in the pond but was so worried about him lol...nice photo!

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