Monday, April 16, 2012

Nature is a Musician

(c) Misty DawnS

Did you know that Nature is a musician?
No, she doesn't use a Danelectro Bass,
but she is a performer, nonetheless.

If you don't believe my words
just close your eyes and listen
next time you enjoy the outdoors.

Listen close and soon you'll hear.
The rustle of the wind through
the leaves on the trees

accompanying the birds
beautifully singing
their special songs.

The boom of thunder
joining the patter of rain
as it keeps beat on the ground.

The ripple of a stream,
the croak of a frog,
a hawk's scream...

Ah yes, close your eyes
to clearly hear
Nature's music.


Nancy C

This is beautiful, Misty. Is this a Japanese Maple? Gorgeous. :)

Scott F

Truly a beautiful shot Misty. And a very true sentiment as well.


I gave you a blog award, stop by and pick it up!



What a lovely poem and image, Misty!

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