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Snake Sighting ~ Camera-Critters #211




This post contains a snake.

This post contains a rather large snake.








(c) Misty DawnS

I realize that many people do not like, or are afraid of, snakes.  However, I mentioned the snake in my last Camera-Critters post, so I figured I should post it for this week's Camera-Critters post.  Please don't disown me... I DID provide sufficient warning, after all!

After I saw (and photographed) this critter, I went to Hubs, who was working in his shop, sawing with his table saw, drilling with his drill, and doing whatever other handy things he does with his cool tools out in the shop.  I stated, "We have another big snake at the pond this year."  He replied, "Oh yeah?"  I pulled up the pic on the camera to show him.  I won't repeat his next reply.

Luckily, it's a watersnake, and it's non-venomous.  *whew*

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Thank God it is non-venomous. I do not mind snakes, they are kind of cool critters. Have a great weekend, Misty!


Guess I'm weird. I don't find snakes cute and cuddly, and I don't really want to be taken by surprise by one, but I think they are interesting and have actually gone in search of photograph of course :)


we get lots of snakes here w/ our pond. sadly the majority are moccasins and copperheads which are venomous.

nice shot!

EG CameraGirl

Like Tammy, I am not really afraid of snakes, although I usually jump a mile when I first see one. I quickly get over that and then watch to see what they are up to.


Eeuw, a swimming snake is even creepier than a snake in the grass.
You got a good shot of a big snake. I hope you never swim in that pond.

Joanne Olivieri

I don't mind snakes as long as they are only on my computer screen :) That is a fantastic photo and very detailed.


I think snakes are pretty cool critters. Since I'm not that knowledgeable about them I have a healthy respect for their space. Luckily, we have very few venomous snakes in our area.


Good photo! Snakes in water are a little creepy to me, but generally I like them.


me no likey snakey! lol =)

Hootin' Anni

I'm one of those that heeds the warning...I HATE SNAKES...I have a deathly fear of them. [When a young girl, by brother put a slimy icky one...down my back of the blouse. Ever since...I HATE SNAKES. LOL]


Maude Lynn



Interesting snake, snaking through the water. He should help keep the rodent population down. :)


That is a wonderful shot of your water snake. He's a big one for sure. I don't have an aversion to snakes and have always found them fascinating and even beautiful ever since I was very young and used to look at them in the reptile houses at the zoo. Now if I see them in the wild I love to photograph them but haven't had these opportunities but rarely.

Powell River Books

Much bigger than the garter snakes we get around our cabin. I definitely wouldn't go swimming if I knew a snake that big was hanging around, venomous or not. - Margy


I find snakes interesting-as long as I know they are not venomous. We see them occasionally around our place...usually the harmless ones!

Mom Knows Everything

Ewww, ewww, ewww!!! Are you trying to give your BBFF nightmares?

Miss ya!


Great find! At least is isn't venomous. I don't like snakes and I am afraid of snakes. I think it stems from having a huge black snake in our hay barn when I was a kid. My dad would warn us to watch out for it and tell us it could drop down on our heads from above and strangle us. I know he was trying to be helpful, but now I have a fear of snakes strangling me. lol


I had a little snake too. :) But not swimming. Yours looks great but somehow a bit fat. I wonder if it found some fish. :)

mine is here:

Andrea @ From The Sol

A snake certainly fits the "critter" category. I am not a big fan of snakes in the water, but I love having garden snakes around my yard. I think I acturally like snakes as long as I know what they are and what I need to doto not be bitten :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

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