Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pet Toys ~ A Guest Post

***The following is a sponsored guest post.  As far as my Border Collies are concerned about toys; Tag prefers farm equipment; Molly cherishes playing ball; and Maggie May loves anything she can chase!***

Fenna And Missy Love Their Toys

I am the proud owner of a cocker spaniel called Fenna and a tabby cat called Missy. They actually really get along with each other as I have had them for quite some time. Fenna is the oldest and she seems to be a sensible dog and really pleasant to other people. When I got Missy she seemed to take to her quickly and the two have been best friends ever since. I love to buy them new toys every now and again and give them a treat.

There are so many generic dog toys that one can choose from today that sometimes it is quite hard to find something unique. The reason is because a lot of this choice is pretty main stream and I like to go for something that I have never seen before. I do most of my shopping online because this is where I find I can get something cheap and also of good quality. I’m not really one of these auction site buyers as I just like to buy directly from the company.

Also, when buying toys for my dog I always have a look at the cat toys section as well, the result is something cute for her too. I found some balls and scratch posts for her as she absolutely loves them and of course it protects my furniture. One thing I will say is that you can get a whole lot of stuff online!

I mean now it’s getting absolutely ridiculous as I buy literally everything from online pet shops. Why I like to get my dog and cat food online is because they usually give me a discount for buying in bulk. Also I’ve been able to get some really good flea treatment online that has worked really well for both my dog and cat.

I know that probably some of you guys have been buying your pet stuff online for quite a while already but I thought I would just write a quick post about my positive experiences - has anyone else had a good experience buying their pet stuff online?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Angus Date Night

She said she had a hot date with the bull later that night.
After checking the mirror, she determined
that she looked fabulous.

(c) Misty DawnS

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Dog Dandruff: How to Cure the Itch

The article below is a guest post, which discusses dog dandruff.  Both of my female Border Collies have dry skin/dandruff, and we have used supplements to try to help make their skin more healthy.

Dog Dandruff: How to Cure the Itch
Dandruff, although quite common, is an easily treatable problem for humans. The symptoms are quickly spotted, and with the aid of specialised shampoos it can take a matter of weeks to clear completely. However, with dogs, the symptoms are a little harder to detect.

Because we remain at a generally similar head height with the rest of our peers, it’s easy to spot when somebody has dandruff. Similarly, with almost every bathroom containing a mirror these days, it’s easy to self-diagnose dandruff. Unfortunately, even if dogs could check each other’s fur and utilise mirrors, they’d never be able to tell anyone that they need to get dandruff treatment.

Therefore, it’s important that you keep an eye out for any signs of dandruff – dog scratching is one of the most common symptoms.

Dog dandruff is due to the same problems as any other type of dandruff; a lack of essential oils that moisturise the skin. Without this regular nourishment, our dog’s skin will become dry and begin to flake. These flakes of dry, dead skin are what we know as dandruff.

Luckily, because the causes of dog dandruff are relatively simple, the treatment can be just as straight forward. The main oil that helps moisturise your dog’s skin is the omega 6 oil Linoleic acid (LA). You can find this in seed oils such as golden flax and starflower, which can be added to your dog’s meals with the help of brands such as Yumega. When included with every meal, you can expect to see a significant difference in the quality of your dog’s fur (and most importantly, the reduction of dandruff) in 3-6 weeks; around the same time a specialised shampoo would take for us.

Excessive scratching from your dog can lead to exceptionally inflamed skin, which will only irritate the animal more, and could cause dog hair loss. Because of this, it’s best to treat your dog as soon as you spot the symptoms. After all, you wouldn’t want your pet sitting there being irritated for hours on end with no easy way of curing the itch.

Article by Scott Clawson

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fishing For Worms

Hey Robin.  Wanna help me find fishing worms???

(c) Misty DawnS

Take a hike, Lady.
I've got kids to feed!

(c) Misty DawnS

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Heart

My heart-dog (she owns my heart)...
My Molly
(c) Misty DawnS

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daisy Lovin

Eh Scuse me...
Little privacy here, please!

(c) Misty DawnS

Geesh!  Get a room, would ya?!?!

(c) Misty DawnS


Lasting Gifts

(c) Misty DawnS

At work the other day, when my assistant went to lunch, I called and ordered some flowers to be delivered to her that afternoon.  We had experienced several seriously stressful days, and she remained right there by my side, asking what she could do to help.  I think it's important to let people know you appreciate them.  So, I called to order her some flowers.

I wanted something that would last, like a plant.  If possible, I always try to get a plant or type of flower that will re-bloom.  Whether it be some "Thank You" African Violets, or a get well plant, the recipient will have something to continue to brighten future days.  

Unfortunately, since it was shortly after Mother's Day, they were all out of plants.  So, I ended getting her a bouquet of spring flowers.  When the florist asked what colors to use, I said, "As many as possible!"  I may not have been able to get her a plant, but the bouquet was beautiful, and it made her day.  So, it was definitely worth it.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fox Shake ~ Camera-Critters #216

I've mentioned in the past that I'm lucky, because I have many people who keep their eyes open for photography opportunities for me.  Hubs is one of these people, and he has found me some really good photo opportunities in the past

So, it is now to the point that if Hubs says, "Grab your camera."  I don't ask.  I just grab the camera and follow, or jump in the truck, whichever the case may be.

So, last weekend.  After I had just opened Camera-Critters, when Hubs came to the door and said, "Camera.", I didn't hesitate.  I grabbed the camera and followed.  Oh wait... I did ask a question... I asked, "Macro or no?"  Got my answer, unscrewed my Hoya macro filter from my lens (we need that invention and patent, Bear!), and then followed...

Then, I photographed the morning visitor to the field next to us.

(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

It's always important to start your Saturday morning with
a good ol' shake!
(c) Misty DawnS

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Clouds on the Water

(c) Misty DawnS

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mama Robin

She has a nest in the tree outside my kitchen window.
I watch her tend to her babies as I do dishes.

(c) Misty DawnS

And, sometimes, I get a little glimpse of one.
Shhhh... baby sleeping...
(can you see it?)
(c) Misty DawnS

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Something Different

Something different, but
I like it...

(c) Misty DawnS

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Petals of Sunshine

(c) Misty DawnS


The Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawled Across a Desk

A lot of people, upon finding a spider crawling across their desk,

would kill said spider.

Some people would even

scream or run in the opposite direction,

because they are afraid of spiders.

So, what happens when one of my co-workers

finds a spider crawling across her desk?

Well, she comes and gets me to photograph it, of course,

and another co-worker comes to assist, by getting said spider

to crawl onto a business card for his close-up.

(c) Misty DawnS

Oh how I love my co-workers.

Without them, I'd go crazy.

With them, we go crazy together. ;-)

Boarding Kennels and Protection

***This is a sponsored post.  I've never been to Thailand, and I didn't write this post.  Just sayin'.  I do, however, have dogs, and we do have a terrible problem with ticks here.  So, I may not have written this post, but I do support it.***

Boarding kennels and protection

Whilst preparing for my yearly three-week holiday to experience the cultural delights that Thailand has to offer, my main concern was ensuring that my beloved pooch would be well taken care of and safe whilst I am away. Luckily for me there is a local boarding kennel that looks after dogs extremely well, and allows them to socialise with other dogs. This puts my mind at ease, as my dog is very sociable and loves playing he isn’t going to miss me too much for he will be having a holiday of his own. However for health reasons, the close proximity to other dogs he will experience concerns me in case he catches something from them, therefore it is vital that I ensure he is adequately protected before he goes. I make sure that his vaccinations and flea and worming treatments are up to date to prevent any unwanted infestations.

Drontal plus provides effective protection for my dog against many round and tape worms and only has to be given once every three months. My dog will happily eat the tablet like it is a treat; however it can also be easily disguised in food for the more fussy dogs!


 For protection against fleas, Frontline spot on is easy to administer as it is a liquid applied to the back of the neck and provides an adequate defence against fleas and ticks. This flea treatment is required once every two months, however I ensure that I give the treatment just before I go away as it only protects against ticks for one month and I like to ensure that whilst my dog is playing in the fields that he doesn't attract any unwanted visitors.

Both of these treatments are highly recommended by vets, which I think is very important in order to trust that they are not only highly effective but are also safe to use. They are also available to buy online, which is particularly useful for when I just do not have the time to make a trip down to the vet simply to buy these treatments.

Mirror Image

(c) Misty DawnS

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Flower Break

The other day, my assistant (she's so much more than a secretary) at work decided we needed to step away from the stress (and boy was there a lot of it) and "go take pictures".  This entails her pointing out all the pretty flowers to me and waiting for me to photograph them, so she can take me to the next flowers she wants me to photograph.  Yeah, she's pretty tough and demanding (ha).

It certainly was a much-needed break.

(c) Misty DawnS

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mourning Cloak ~ Camera-Critters #215

We've had some absolutely amazing weather lately.  It has truly been beautiful, and there is definitely not a present need for gel fuel fireplaces with the warm, sunny days we've been having.  

I haven't had the chance to get out much for photography during the week, as we are at a hectic time at work.  However, I do try to get out often during the weekend.  I've even got a "lifer" photo already this year, and I was very excited about it!

I photographed my very first Mourning Cloak butterfly.  It was sitting right next to the steps of my front door... just like it was waiting for me.  I photographed it, and then it flew.  So, of course, I followed... and followed... and followed.  Yeah, I think I followed this beauty around for about a half hour.  Meanwhile, my dogs watched me with that, "Yep, Mommy has lost her mind again!" look on their faces.

(c) Misty DawnS

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

And I Brought Him Home

Hubs and I are both dog people.  When we met, we each had a dog.  Our wedding gift from my dad was a puppy.  Then, we had a terrible year, and without going into detail (because it's heartbreaking for both of us), we lost all three of those dogs within a year's time.

I was lost without them.  I'd come home from work and immediately change clothes to go out and feed the dogs.  Then, I would realize I had no dogs to feed, and I would break down in tears, almost every day.

At the time, we had just started raising sheep on our farm, and we had discussed that we'd love to have a Border Collie to work with the sheep.  So, my search began.  However, to purchase a Border Collie who was already trained to work sheep, would require a lot more finances than Hubs and I had available.

So, I pretty much gave up the idea.  However, I still viewed the pet rescue sites on a regular basis... just to get my "dog-fix", ya know. ;-)

One day, I discovered a listing at our LOCAL animal shelter.  They had a Border Collie up for adoption!  No picture was posted.  Not much of a description was posted either.  I immediately called and set up a time to go meet this dog.

The day I was going to meet the dog, my boss said, "Have fun getting your dog."  I replied, "I'm only going to meet it.  Don't know that I'll be getting it."  My boss just smiled, "Yeah, sure."  he replied.

I entered the Animal Shelter, told the girl behind the desk which dog I was there to meet, and was given some papers to fill out in case of adoption.  Once again, I said, "I'm just here to meet the dog."

I was told that the manager of the shelter had a very special connection with this particular dog.  It had bonded with her and only her, and it slept on a bed under her desk.  Awwww how sweet.

A girl took me to a room and informed me that I would have some alone time with the dog ,so we could get acquainted.  She handed me a dog biscuit, shook her head a bit, and said, "Well, you can try anyway."  Huh?  I wasn't sure what that meant.

Then, she left.  I waited.  She returned, carrying a leash.  On the end of the leash was a black, white, and brown Border Collie, who promptly laid down on the floor facing away from me.  The girl smiled, and left the room.

I sat down on the floor next to the dog, and I began talking to it.  It ignored me.  I offered it the dog biscuit and got no response... not even a nose twitch.  I put my hand on the dog and began petting it... it trembled.  I took my hand away and continued talking.  I peeked over the dog's head and noticed that, while it was ignoring me, it would raise one brown-eyebrow at a time as I talked.  That was the only reaction I received, and I wouldn't have even noticed that, if I hadn't have peeked.

Obviously this dog wasn't interested in 'talking'.  Obviously this dog wasn't going to jump up and give me kisses and smiles.  Obviously this dog was nervous.  Obviously this dog wanted nothing to do with me.  Obviously this dog was scared.  Obviously this dog....

needed to come home with me.  WHAT?  Yep, without any logical reason, without even considering it twice, I picked the end of the leash up and asked, "You wanna go home with me, Tag?"  And, the dog...

got up, walked to the door, and waited for me to open it.  Then, he turned, and I saw he was smiling.

We walked to the front desk of the shelter.  The girl got up to come around the counter and take the leash.  I held up my hand and said, "No need.  We've decided that Tag is going to come home with me."

The whole room went quiet.  Everyone was staring at us.  The girl behind the counter froze in position, and asked, "Really?"

I said, "Yes, really.  That's what we've decided."

She replied, "Well, if you take him home, you can have a couple weeks with him, and if he doesn't work out, you can bring him back."

"No," I replied.  "He's going home.  He won't be coming back, unless it's to visit."

We walked to the back of my vehicle.  I started to open the back hatch, and Tag jumped in, before it was fully open.  I laughed.  "You wanna go for a ride, huh Tag?"

By the time I got around to the driver's seat, I turned around and was greeted by a smiling Tag, who had jumped over the back and was sitting in the back seat, smiling, and ready for a ride.  "O.K. Boy.  Let's go home."  And then... he gave me a quick kiss on the nose.

We got to the farm.  Tag and I got out of the vehicle, and I walked him around the property, introducing him to his new home.  Hubs talked to him, and Tag ignored him.  My mother-in-law spoke to him, and Tag ignored her.

His defense mechanism was to not make eye contact.  He would turn his head as far as possible to avoid making eye contact.  He had obviously had his trust destroyed.

For the entire weekend, Tag was my shadow.  He laid on my feet, while I sat on the couch.  If I went to another room, Tag was right there with me.  Hubs would try talking to him, and Tag would turn his head away to avoid eye-contact, and ignore Hubs.

Come Sunday evening, I started to get concerned.  I had to go to work the next day, and Tag wouldn't even acknowledge, let alone respond to anyone but me.  Hubs kept reassuring me that everything would be fine.

So, I went to work.  After about... ohhhh... ten minutes (haha) I called home.  "What are you doing?" I asked Hubs.  "Oh, we're building fence."  He replied.

"WE???" I asked.  "Yes.  Tag and I are building fence."

"Do you have his leash on him?  He's not used to our property.  He doesn't like you.  He'll try to run away!"

Hubs replied, "He had his leash on for about five minutes.  I started working.  He chewed through his leash and has been next to me the rest of the time."

"BUT..." I started.  "Honey," Hubs replied.  "We're fine.  He's really enjoying this.  He's not going to take off."

By the time I got home that evening.  The tables had turned.  NOW, HUBS had a new dog.  Correction... HUBS had a working partner AND a devoted companion.  That's all it took... one day of working on the farm with Hubs.

Now, Tag is Daddy's dog, through and through.  He lives to be with his Daddy.  And, he doesn't take this bond and trust he's found lightly.  He's very protective of us, our home, and our belongings. He's loyal only to us, and, now...

he'll sit or lie in front of us, and...

stare directly into our eyes.

(c) Misty DawnS

Friday, May 11, 2012

Poser ~ Camera-Critters #214

I think this American Robin was very well aware that it was being photographed.
Such a poser!

(c) Misty DawnS

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feathers of Gold

(c) Misty DawnS


The Admiral

This Red Admiral butterfly was hanging out on one of our apple trees.  I photographed it from several different angles.  This head-on angle makes me laugh though.  It's like some alien creature or attack plane.  Yes, that's it.  I believe this Red Admiral is definitely an Admiral from the Air Force.  Get it?  Admiral, flying-Air Force... O.K. fine, forget it.  Guess I'm not as amusing as I thought. ;-)

 (c) Misty DawnS

"All right Misty Dawn, I'm ready for my close-up"
(c) Misty DawnS

I can see all of you rolling your eyes.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Camera-Critters #213

Here I go again,
being a bug voyeur.
The bugs didn't seem to mind though. ;-)
I guess they were too busy to care. hehe

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