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Boarding Kennels and Protection

***This is a sponsored post.  I've never been to Thailand, and I didn't write this post.  Just sayin'.  I do, however, have dogs, and we do have a terrible problem with ticks here.  So, I may not have written this post, but I do support it.***

Boarding kennels and protection

Whilst preparing for my yearly three-week holiday to experience the cultural delights that Thailand has to offer, my main concern was ensuring that my beloved pooch would be well taken care of and safe whilst I am away. Luckily for me there is a local boarding kennel that looks after dogs extremely well, and allows them to socialise with other dogs. This puts my mind at ease, as my dog is very sociable and loves playing he isn’t going to miss me too much for he will be having a holiday of his own. However for health reasons, the close proximity to other dogs he will experience concerns me in case he catches something from them, therefore it is vital that I ensure he is adequately protected before he goes. I make sure that his vaccinations and flea and worming treatments are up to date to prevent any unwanted infestations.

Drontal plus provides effective protection for my dog against many round and tape worms and only has to be given once every three months. My dog will happily eat the tablet like it is a treat; however it can also be easily disguised in food for the more fussy dogs!


 For protection against fleas, Frontline spot on is easy to administer as it is a liquid applied to the back of the neck and provides an adequate defence against fleas and ticks. This flea treatment is required once every two months, however I ensure that I give the treatment just before I go away as it only protects against ticks for one month and I like to ensure that whilst my dog is playing in the fields that he doesn't attract any unwanted visitors.

Both of these treatments are highly recommended by vets, which I think is very important in order to trust that they are not only highly effective but are also safe to use. They are also available to buy online, which is particularly useful for when I just do not have the time to make a trip down to the vet simply to buy these treatments.



Wishing for you a wonderful vacay in Thailand:) Your dogs are going to be just fine with all the details you are putting into their care before you leave. Good Momma!

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