Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lasting Gifts

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At work the other day, when my assistant went to lunch, I called and ordered some flowers to be delivered to her that afternoon.  We had experienced several seriously stressful days, and she remained right there by my side, asking what she could do to help.  I think it's important to let people know you appreciate them.  So, I called to order her some flowers.

I wanted something that would last, like a plant.  If possible, I always try to get a plant or type of flower that will re-bloom.  Whether it be some "Thank You" African Violets, or a get well plant, the recipient will have something to continue to brighten future days.  

Unfortunately, since it was shortly after Mother's Day, they were all out of plants.  So, I ended getting her a bouquet of spring flowers.  When the florist asked what colors to use, I said, "As many as possible!"  I may not have been able to get her a plant, but the bouquet was beautiful, and it made her day.  So, it was definitely worth it.


Kay L. Davies

It's always nice to receive a plant, but wonderful to receive a bouquet. I don't know why it's that way, but it seems to me it is. I'm glad you asked for as many colors as possible. That would be beautiful.

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