Friday, May 4, 2012

More House Construction Talk

As my long-time readers know, Hubs and I have have been in a state of home construction and remodel since we moved here almost five years ago (5 years on June 1 - my how time flies).  We've basically built a new house.  I mean there was an existing house, but we tore out walls, added an addition to double the size of the house, built a whole new kitchen (there wasn't one before), put in new floors, etc, etc, etc.  And, we've still got a ways to go, but boy have we come a long way already!

We've got the kitchen mostly done now.  We need countertops, but can't afford to purchase them, so we are going to make our own concrete countertops.  Anway (yes, I'm rambling again), now we can start focusing on the bathroom.

The bathroom isn't huge, but I'd still like to be able to get ready in the bathroom in the mornings.  Then I could have my make-up and toiletries in there instead of in my bedroom cluttering up my dresser.  I would like one of the vanity mirrors that has storage space behind the mirrors.

My color scheme is already set for the bathroom, because I already have curtains and photos for in there.  It will be green and rose.  I'll take pictures, if we ever get it done.  Trust me, you'll like it.

Of course we'll need some good bathroom ceiling lights too.  They will help not only show off my beautiful bathroom (when it's done), but also help me be able to see when I'm applying make-up and getting ready for work.  Don't wanna go to work looking like a clown, ya know. ;-)

So, what about you?  Does your bathroom have a color scheme?  Or, do you not put much thought into that room?



Right now my bathroom is Blue, it was done in Dolphins About 15 years ago. It needs updating again!! We had Re-bath do our shower for us, they are great!!

I'm hoping to get the guest bathroom done this fall, and yes, I'm thinking color schemes!

Good luck on construction, my kitchen is still 2 yrs off, have to finish paying off the Clinic debt from when we use to have one!

Happy Weekend :-)


Nancy C

Misty, you are going through what we went through about 9 years ago. My upstairs bath is blue and white. My hubby's bath is varying shades of green (that's his fav color.)

Your kitchen is lookin' good! :)

Lawn Mower Queen

I have fridge envy. I hate our fridge!

Our bathroom is pink and black tile with white walls. It's lovely. NOT. My MIL calls it the I Love Lucy I figure, why fight it? All the decorations are I Love Lucy themed.

i beati

such promise and hope I'm trying to do the same

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