Friday, May 18, 2012

Mourning Cloak ~ Camera-Critters #215

We've had some absolutely amazing weather lately.  It has truly been beautiful, and there is definitely not a present need for gel fuel fireplaces with the warm, sunny days we've been having.  

I haven't had the chance to get out much for photography during the week, as we are at a hectic time at work.  However, I do try to get out often during the weekend.  I've even got a "lifer" photo already this year, and I was very excited about it!

I photographed my very first Mourning Cloak butterfly.  It was sitting right next to the steps of my front door... just like it was waiting for me.  I photographed it, and then it flew.  So, of course, I followed... and followed... and followed.  Yeah, I think I followed this beauty around for about a half hour.  Meanwhile, my dogs watched me with that, "Yep, Mommy has lost her mind again!" look on their faces.

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Beautiful butterfly. I can't wait to follow a few butterflies around myself.


we've had a couple of these here this year as well. they're wonderful! and large! :)




what a beautiful butterfly :-) lovely wing too :-) Dropping by from Camera Critters


Dawn, It is a gorgeous butterfly. Great sighting and capture. Congrats!


Purdy butterfly. I've seen a number of them around here lately. Almost as many as I have seen in the past six years combined.

Icy BC

Your mourning cloak turn out so pretty! It is so wonderful to see, isn't it?


e hae it too, It is one of my favourites. Nice shot. :)

Maude Lynn

What a beautiful butterfly!


Oh, such a lovely shot of this butterfly.

Brian King

Gorgeous butterfly! I like the touch of purple. Wonderful shot!


That could be me who is following a butterly or bee or...
very nice shot! Let your dogs talk :-)


That is a beautiful picture! How lucky. I'm glad my pets can't tell the stories of what I do. I'm sure they'd call and have me committed.

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