Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mowing Fence Lines ~ Rural Thursday & Friday Fences

This photo was better before I cropped it.
However, Hubs would be VERY upset if he knew I took a photo of him.
(He's driving the tractor, while he and Tag mow along the fence-lines.)
He'd be even MORE upset if I posted said photo of him.
Most people would call it 'disrespectful' to crop your spouse out of a photo.
However, my spouse would call it 'disrespectful' to NOT crop him out of the photo.
So, I cropped him out.  Yeah, I'm sweet like that.

(c) Misty DawnS

Rural Thursday Blog Hop



Kay L. Davies

Great shot of Tag, though. Border Collies are amazing animals, aren't they? So intelligent!


Such a good wife :)


Well, it's a great shot of your dog!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

Ha ha, I always tell my husband to let me see pics of myself before he puts them on FB - some of them are so bad ;-)

Nature in the Burbs

My husband would feel the same way.

Anne Payne

That's cute! He wants to be right near his master :)


That is very sweet of you. My family just rolls their eyes at me. :-)


pretty view. love the tractor. (:


Great shot!! My favourite dog... I had a Border Collie called Maggie


You could have left him in and blurred his face!! Haha

I am with him not want my photo taken.

Tanya Breese

what a sweet little dog :)

Jan n Jer

Horray for cropping! It gives you power!

A Colorful World

It reminds me of summers in Alabama! Love the dog, by the way!


Tag looks like he's having a great time. My hubby doesn't like his picture taken or posted, either. Silly guys!

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