Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Beautiful Rainbow Bluet

I bet the female celebrities would be so envious...
They have to work so hard to try to be as eye-catching.
They have to spend big money for a dress as colorful and beautiful.
They have to exercise to try to be so slender.

Ah yes... I'm going to introduce you to
probably the most beautiful damselfly there is!
(Definitely the most colorful)

Feast your eyes on...

The Rainbow Bluet
(c) Misty DawnS



Sarah Halstead

Beautiful shot.


She is indeed beautiful!
Lovely shot Misty!


So pretty and delicate!


Very beautiful photos. Looks like a fantasy :)

Stewart M

Wonderful picture - damselflies are hard to catch!

Stewart M - Australia


That's really beautiful!


Very interesting coloration on that damselfly. I'd like to see one out here.


The colors on this one is beautiful! I hope to find one myself someday. Lovely.


My compliments ... beautiful choice, wonderful shot.

Andrea @ From the Sol

She is a lovely little creature!

Miss Kodee

Dragonflys! Who doesn't love them; so magical! Great capture.
~ Debbie

Betty Roan

I agree, beautiful!


She is lovely! How did you get her to sit for you? Popping over from Macro Monday - so very nice to meet you.

Carmel Cole

wow, love the iridescent colors :) hope you can visit my My Mellow Yellow Monday here.

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