Saturday, July 7, 2012

Squirrel Shadow Play

When I was visiting Dad in Ohio, I spent a lot of time sitting on the porch swing that Dad had put on the patio.  He had it all set up for me to be able to photograph the birds and wildlife.  I had a blast watching the different species of birds, chipmunks, and the gray, black, and red squirrels.  I took many photos and had many giggles at the various antics of the critters.

(c) Misty DawnS

Good thing I took so many photos then, because I haven't taken any since I've been back!!!  Yes, that was weeks ago!  We've had such extreme, hot temperatures that it's miserable to be outside.  Gosh, I never thought I'd hear myself say that!  We're also experiencing a drought, and our crops and animals are suffering.  I hope that Mother Nature decides to open up the faucets and give us a little relief soon.

So, for now, I must use the photos from my trip and hope that I get some new photos soon.


Magical Mystical Teacher

Many people think squirrels are annoying. I think they're cute--and your shadowy photo proves my contention!

Shadowy Stones


Sounds like a lovely time!
Very calming.


I'm rather ambivalent about squirrels...I can live without them, yet sometimes their antics amuse me!

You got a good close-up of the critter!

Gemma Wiseman

So wish I could whisk some of our torrential winter rains your way! We have had plenty on the Mornington Peninsula! Adore your little squirrel! Such a cute one!


Lovely shadowy shot


I love squirrels, they're so funny

I hope you get lots of rain soon, I know how awful the heat is

thanks for all your kind comments on my recent posts, made me smile :)


he gave you a nice shadow shot opportunity!!!!


I enjoy squirrels' antics, although they can cause a lot of damage. I'll swap you some of our wet weather, for some of your heat!!

Chubskulit Rose

Very cute!

My Shadows
Have a blessed Sunday.

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