Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beauty of a Survivor

Some may see rugged, damaged wings.
I see the beauty of a survivor.

(c) Misty DawnS

(and I think she's telling me to pick those tomatoes before they go bad)

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Stewart M

Great picture! I posted a less than perfect butterfly a few weeks ago - it got me thinking about what we mean by "perfection".

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia


looks as though she's had a rough time this summer, but she definitely is still lovely as ever..

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

She's so pretty!


They are very beautiful butterflys.


A lovely survivor.

Nancy C

I saw one of these last week, but couldn't manage a shot.

Thanks so much for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week, Misty. xo


I find as I get older, that I am more attracted to these survivors, whether they be butterflies or blossoms!!!


My those poor wings...what a tale they tell, this little one has certainly been on a journey. Such lovely colors and markings.


I agree with you. It is a survivor and a beauty at that.


It is a lovely survivor! Great capture!

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