Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blue Buffalo Health Bar Treats ~ Reviewed & Approved

One day, I received a very sweet e-mail in my inbox telling me that I have great photography on my blog!  It made my day, and I replied to the e-mail saying just that.

Later, that same person offered me the opportunity to review a product for the website with which she works.  It didn't take me long to agree, as the website is... get this...  Uh yeah, could that be any more appropriate for my blog?!?!

So, I was provided with a list of things I could review.  Molly, Maggie May, Tag and I discussed it, and we decided to review some Blue Buffalo treats.  Molly was super excited, cuz she loves anything edible.  Tag had his doubts, as "dog" treats are never as good as human stuff.  Maggie May told Molly that she could have hers, cuz Maggie doesn't care for treats.

When the package arrived, I opened the box to discovered we had received a bag of Blue Buffalo Health Bar Treats baked with pumpkin and cinnamon.  While they smelled like pumpkin pie (yummy) and even made me hungry, I seriously had my doubts about Tag and Maggie May.

Let me just say... I no longer have any doubts.  I no longer have any treats left either!  All three of my dogs are crazy about these treats.  Maggie May even jumped on me with her front paws to get one, and she never is interested in dog treats and usually lets Molly have them.  Well, Molly certainly wasn't getting these from Maggie!

"What about Tag?" you ask.  Well Tag would walk into the kitchen, and sit under the area of the counter where the treats were sitting.  When I'd ask what he wanted, he'd roll his eyes up to the bag sitting on the counter.  Like, "Duh Mom!"

I am thrilled to find a treat that, not only do all three dogs love, but is healthful for them too!  I hope to eventually try some of the other flavors to see if they are as big of a hit.

So, our conclusions, without a doubt...

Blue Buffalo Health Bar Treats (at least the pumpkin & cinnamon ones) get a unanimous

THREE paws & a human-thumb UP!

***The BC Review-Crew and I were provided one free bag of Blue Buffalo Health Bar Treats to review for We reviewed and approved.  All opinions in this post are mine or the opinion of three Border Collies who use me to express their opinions, since I get upset when I find them using my computer without permission.***


Horst in Edmonton

Those lucky dogs, getting free treats to try out.

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