Friday, October 19, 2012

Come Into My Parlor

(c) Misty DawnS

31 Days Of Halloween Photos


Icy BC

Oh my goodness, this is such a pretty spider, and I bet it's poisonous too?

Stewart M

Hi there - great picture - we get large spiders (but a different sort) in the garden in autumn - and we get a few poisonous ones in the shed all year round!

Stewart M - Australia


Beautiful patterns and colours on this one!


It is a pretty spider. Great photo! Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.


she's beautiful.

Big, beautiful spider!

Min fotogen

She ..? looks dangerous and beautiful


Come into my parlor indeed! I don't think so!!!! Gorgeous shot, Misty! Thanks for hosting!


I don't like spiders at all,- but I have to admit that this one is relly beautiful!
Have a nice weekend:)


I don't like spiders at all,- but I have to admit that this one is relly beautiful!
Have a nice weekend:)


Nice shot. Garden Spiders generally aren't dangerous, but they sure can put a scare into someone. 8v)


I'm not wild about spiders, but you've got to admire them. Amazing little creatures.

BEAUTIFUL photo! Love it!

And I love the of my favorite poems! lol

I posted in Camera Critters today. I've been gone too long! I forgot how much I love this meme. I'm glad it's still going strong.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines

Something mesmerizing about those yellow spots...but I still don't like them!


Spiders and I do not get along well. Have been bit twice..not a fun time...but they sure are wonderful to look at..I love the webs..nice photo..

Jidhu Jose

its a great shot . Would love to take a shot like this :)

Snapshot | Reflections


Wow - absolutely fabulous!


No that's a great macro, thanks for sharing:)


I have not seen one like this yet. Great shot! Love the colors.

Chuck Letterman

Fantastic photo, Misty. Superb detail.


Great shot! I haven't even seen very many spiders this year.

Gabi BK

Itsy bitsy spider...

Nice shot!

Well done...




Spiders are not my favorite animals but this one is very beautiful. Wonderful colors!


Gorgeous spider!!! Great shot!

Jenn Jilks

These are wonderful spiders. I love them!
Cheers from Cottage Country!

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