Friday, October 5, 2012

Gourmet Dog Food

Gourmet Dog Food

As you know (or maybe you don't), I have three Border Collies who run enrich my life.  While all three of my dogs are the same breed, each one has a very unique personality and unique issues nuances.  This is true with playing, things that are important to them, and eating.  Yes, when it comes to eating, each of my dogs is different.

Molly, also known as Molly-Collie, is our oldest, and she has three favorite things:  the ball, Mommy, and food... not necessarily in that order.  Molly will eat any dog food you give her and any human food she can get.  She's my dog who stands under me, while I'm cutting vegetables for the holiday veggie trays, picking up any scraps that may fall... broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce... she doesn't care, as long as it's edible.  One of her favorite treats is when Daddy makes a bag of plain popcorn and shares with Molly.

Maggie-May is our youngest, and she really doesn't care if she eats or not.  In fact, usually, when I give her a treat, she noses it around and then picks it up and takes it to Molly.  She then drops it in front of Molly as if to say, "Here, you can have mine too."  Maggie is much more concerned with running and hunting than eating.  Sometimes, when I give her something, she'll hold it in her mouth and look at me like, "What am I supposed to do with this, Mom?"

Then there's our boy Tag.  Tag will eat... if it's meat or cheese (without a heartworm pill hidden in it) or human food.  However, when it comes to dog food, he's the pickiest.  He usually expects me to give him some specialty prepared gourmet dog food.  If it doesn't meet his expectations (the smell and nibble test), I usually have to mix some "good stuff" (aka meat or human food) in with his dog food.  Then, he'll still pick that "good stuff" out and leave the dog food lying in the bowl and come looking for me to give him something else.  

If I had the finances to feed them a raw diet, they would all be more than happy, but, for now, they have to settle for dog food and the occasional treats or "good stuff" mixed in with the dog food.  They had steak left-overs the other day and were VERY happy dogs.  I'm sure with the holidays coming up, they will get their share of special treats.  Maybe we'll ALL need to go on an exercise regimen after the holidays!


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