Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Fly-By

31 days of Halloween Photos #27
(c) Misty DawnS

31 Days Of Halloween Photos



Misty, what a cool image of a bat. Happy Halloween. Thanks for hosting , have a great weekend!


Perfect image for your Halloween series. What kind of bat is this, Mist? Its definitely not a Louisville Slugger, that I know. ok, ok bad joke but you cant blame me for trying to get you to smile. Did it work?
Great photograph.

Kerri Farley

That is pretty awesome!!!


Wow! Amazing shot!


Amazing shot!

Gabi BK

How special!!!

have a great weekend,



You sure are getting "batty" with your photography. 8v)

Nice shot.


I love bats!!! They're so soft to the touch, they're surprisingly a beautiful animal.


A-mazing capture! And the colors are dazzling.
p.s. we were just in your beautiful state last week on our way to Arkansas.


I never saw a bat in nature so I had to look twice what this photo shows.
Wow, thats a great halloween-snapshot.

Powell River Books

Our bats left in September. In the summer they make a bit of noise up under our roof, but the one bachelor that lives in our propane shed is a quiet visitor. I still look for him, but I'm sure he won't return until May or June depending on the weather. - Margy


Wow, that's an amazing picture!

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