Friday, December 28, 2012

Fave Critters of 2012

Stroll with me down memory lane and
my favorite critter encounters of 2012.

Barred Owl
 © Misty DawnS

Mommy I Love You
 © Misty DawnS

Fun with Chippies in Ohio...

Full Cheeks
 © Misty DawnS

It's Supposed to Be You've Got a Chip on Your Shoulder
 © Misty DawnS

Pond Visitors
 © Misty DawnS

Bob White
 © Misty DawnS

Red SaddleBags
 © Misty DawnS

Damsel in the Dew
 (c) Misty DawnS

Morning Sunbathing
 © Misty DawnS

Blues on Blue
 © Misty DawnS

Hanging Out with Rose
 © Misty DawnS

Beauty Takes Flight
 © Misty DawnS

Mourning Cloak Glory
© Misty DawnS

May I Borrow a Towel?
© Misty DawnS

Happy New Year!
Wishing you a truly fabulous 2013!!!


Kay L. Davies

What a fabulous collection for 2012, Misty. I'm having a hard time picking my favorites, although I do have a soft spot for small-furries. Oh, and owls. And blue birds.
So...I think I have to go with the fox and her cub.
Now to find some critters in my collection, so I'll have something to post tomorrow.


I've never seen the chipmunk pics before. Adorable! I love ALL of these but especially Morning Sunbathing and Beauty Takes Flight.

Horst in Edmonton

Hi Misty, your photos are all very beautiful. Have a wonderful New Year.


Hi Misty, that is a fantastic collection of critters. Thank you for this great meme. Wishing you and your family A Very Happy New Year.

Lisa Gordon

This is a truly beautiful series, Misty Dawn!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you a very Happy New Year.

Lina Gustina

Awesome selection. Love them all!
Happy New Year for you too :)


How blessed you are to have seen and photographed all these beautiful animals. These photos could make a great year-long calendar.


what an awesome set! it shows how much you love wildlife. :)

Phil Slade

Mine has to be the tower of Bluebirds, closely followed by the Rascally Racoon, but all your pictures are superb.


Wow! What great shots!! I have to choose the bluebirds also... What's the chance that they would ever be lined-up so perfectly for a photo? Thanks for sharing :)


You captured some beautiful images. Happy new year


A great collection of critter favorites! The bluebirds is fantastic and the raccoon is cute. Thanks for sharing and hosting. I wish you all the best in 2013, Happy New Year!


Each and every one is spectacular. This is an awesome collection and if I had to choose a favorite I couldn't. Id have to vote each one as number one. You certainly have an eye and a talent for wildlife and nature. You have a gift that many of us will never have. Wishing you the best for more great images in 2013.

The Retired One

Awesome captures!


Wow - each photo is breathtaking. What amazing encounters!

And thanks for putting up my link. Wishing you a wonderful new year.


Great collection of critters and a wonderful way to close out Camera Critters for 2012.

Leave It To Davis

Wonderful critters all!

Jidhu Jose

excellent shots

Happy New Year


Wow! I enjoyed that stroll!

Happy New Year!


Such beautiful photos! My daughter especially loved the Barred Owl.

Visiting via Camera Critter meme :-)

Nancy C

A fabulous idea for a yearly recap. Lovely photos.


What a wonderful collection of great shots! Lucky you Misty to have such beautiful animals around your home.

Have a Happy New Year!


Fabulous shots!! Love the chipmunk and racoon.

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