Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Try Again - I Think I Blinked

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Participating in Wild Bird Wednesday



What a perfect combination. American Goldfinch and a spent Bull Thistle. Nice image.


Gorgeous shot of a sweet little bird and beautiful colour contrasts!


a quick nap...... maybe not
But a nice image of something that we dont see very often.... birds blinking


Love the Goldfinches, blinking or not!

Stewart M

My kids seem to be able to do that as well - the first sign that I'm going to press the shutter button and they close their eyes!

Great picture none the less.

Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

Stewart M - Melbourne


Beautiful natural shot of the American Goldfinch Misty! He must be in heaven with all those seeds!

Kenneth Cole Schneider

Very nice habitat shot. That is such a colorful bird-- even when he blinks!

Wally Jones

But if you TRIED to take a picture of a bird blinking......good job!
Love the color and the fact he's in his element.


Lovely sparrows, the color of the sparrow is too rare, never seen yellow colored sparrows ever before, the sigh of the greenery make the pic too unique and lovely.

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