Friday, January 18, 2013

Bee Blues

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Leave It To Davis

Wow! Best bee and flower photo I've ever laid eyes one! Look at the detail in the bee's wings! Excellent!

Jidhu Jose



Gossamer wings. Beautiful and delicate, both bee and flower.

A really wonderful photo!


beautiful! nice to see in winter. ;)


Oh they are all so beautiful, the flower, the bee and the photo. Blues are seldom found here, we mostly have the warm colors!


Your blue flower is gorgeous. And I love the little visitor. He is not a bee however but an American Hover Fly. Their bee like appearance helps to keep them safe from predators.


Excellent shot. Great lighting in it. Since SquirrelQueen ID'ed the bug, who will ID the flower?

Gunilla Bäck

Gorgeous shot! I love the colour of the flower and those stripes on the bee.

Nancy Claeys

Nice to see some color -- this is lovely.


A fabulous capture. That blue is so brilliant!


jaw dropping color


Wow I don't think I can add anything that hasn't been said already.

Hands down I bet you have one of the best captures of anyone this week!

The flower has beautiful color and the shot of the bee is incredible!

Awesome job!!

Gemma Wiseman

Dramatic, colourful capture of the bee's wings spread so beautifully!


What a wonderful contrast of colors. Another beautiful photo!


How lovely and vibrant - especially now that we're shivering in the cold.


Bees loves the chicory! And so do I. What a beautiful blossom. And what a perfect capture of the moment!

Terrific!! love that blue!

e Joops

What a beautiful capture!

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