Thursday, January 3, 2013


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It's three days into the new year... day three of 2013.  I promised myself that I'd make more of an attempt to live up to my own expectations of myself this year.  I promised myself I'd try to set aside the self-doubt... push that inner demon, who always pops up and criticizes, aside and try to prove it wrong.  All I can do is try, right?  If you don't try, then you'll never have the chance to prove anything to yourself.  There is no opportunity to succeed if you don't try.
So far, I've submitted photos to a yearly contest, and I've submitted photos to a magazine photography call-out.  Will anything come of either of these actions?  Maybe not, but at least I know that I tried, rather than just talking about it or making excuses.
Yesterday, I returned to work, and I was pretty wore out yesterday evening.  I didn't do anything after finishing the work for my second job.  That's O.K., as long as I don't lose focus of my promises to myself.
What do you want to happen for 2013.  Have you set goals or resolutions?



A really nice macro image Mist. There is no better time than now to put your best foot forward and try new things. You have a ton of talent that is waiting to shine thru. There is a quote I’d like to share with you,.."Self-doubt kills talent." Edie McClurg I have set no definite goals for this year. I guess if anything I would hope or strive to be a more caring husband, a better and more understanding friend and try to improve on my limited photography and processing skills. I would most hope that my wildlife and naturescape photography would provide someone with a smile and a remembrance of something wonderful.


That's a great image Misty. I would like to learn more about settings on my camera this year, and also use the tripod more.


Nice image, Misty. I have one goal for 2013...make it to 2014. 8v)

Jenn Jilks

Wonderful photo. You go, girl!
I am so happily retired, most of the time. Many lost dreams, but I learn to live in the present.
Cheers from Cottage Country!

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