Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pet Rescue and Boarding Ideas

Let's see...

The title of my blog is "My Dogs Keep Me Sane".  I run a weekend blogging photography meme called "Camera-Critters".  I post photo after photo of wildlife, bugs, birds, and critters.


You think I like animals much?  Yeah, what was your first clue?

If you read my Life List post from New Year's Eve, you will see that right at the top of the list is to run a dog rescue.  (There's a link in the link bar at the top of my blog for my life list)

Well, I don't want to discriminate against other critters.  I mean the ultimate dream is to run a dog rescue, but once I've got that underway, I'd love to expand to rescuing other animals and even to provide animal boarding services.

I'd want to really provide a great service with my dog and cat boarding though.  I'd provide photography services of the pets, walk and exercise time, indoor play areas, and more.

If you care about your pets, it's hard enough to have to be separated from them.  It's not just hard on you, it's hard on the pets also.  So, you would want to place that would provide them with comfort and a non-stressful environment. 

Yes, if I were to actually have the opportunity to do something like a rescue and boarding facility, I'd want to provide a fun 'home away from home' for the critters.  After all, that's what I'd want for my pets!


The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor

Mom Kim here - to bad we don't live closer - maybe form some kind of a partnership. After almost 30 years of sitting behind a desk at work staring into a computer for almost 8 hours a day/5 day workweek - a rescue/boarding facility/photography sounds like heaven on earth and I know our clients would feel that way too. Yep, almost anything where I was around dogs (including my own) all day is right at the top of my list of wants - being away from them while I work kills me and I wish I could afford to send them to a doggy daycare at least a few times/week. Love the idea.


I'm very fortunate that I do have a true home-from-home for boarding my pets and it comes free of charge, too!

No, it's not a relative, it's where they used to live: a greyhound racing kennel. I adopted both my dogs from there, after they retired. Sid had a serious injury and so had been promoted to the house already, Jeffie lived in the kennel block, but now lives in the house when he goes back on holiday along with all the house dogs and any other boarders. Everyone lives together, sleeping on sofas, chairs, dog beds and each other - if anyone doesn't get along, they are separated into another room where they can still see and hear the others. They all run out and play on several acres of safely fenced land. Aren't I lucky?

If and when we move away from here, I'd LOVE to find a boarding facility like that in my new area. I think your idea is a great one!

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