Monday, March 18, 2013

My Sweet Girl is Getting Older

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That's my sweet Molly in the above photo.  She's what I refer to as my "heart dog", as the very first day she came to live with us, she worked her way right into my heart and has been there ever since.

To say she's a Mommy's girl is an understatement.  Hubs often refers to her as my shadow, because she follows me wherever I go, and if I leave the room, when I re-enter, Molly greets me like she hasn't seen me in days.

She's such a sweet and loving soul, who wants nothing more than to love everyone she meets.  Trust me, everyone who meets her ends up adoring her.  It's just unavoidable.

Molly is also the oldest of our three Border Collies.  Since she doesn't "act" old, we often tell her that she's young for her age.  I think part of us telling her that if for our benefit, because we secretly don't want to face that she's getting up there in years.

Recently, Molly has been having trouble "holding it", while she's sleeping.  It breaks our hearts, because we know she can't help it and probably doesn't even realize it's happening.  Yet, it is happening, and we have to face it.

We love having her smiling, beautiful face around and hate the thought of not having her in the house due to something she can't help.  We've talked about everything from doggy diapers to an indoor pet potty.

I know it's inevitable that my sweet girl will start showing her age.  But, when she's outside running and romping with her little sister and brother, she still acts like a young, happy pup.  I hope that I have many more years of coming home to hear her say "hewwwwoooo" (That's Molly-speak for "hello").  For, that girl up there in that photo owns her mommy's heart completely.



Such a sweet face!

Kay L. Davies

If this is an unconscious leak, rather than a "go" the indoor pet potty won't help.
Go with the doggy diapers, only don't buy the dog kind. Just get the small size adult ones, or the appropriate size children's, and cut a hole for her tail.
Molly might not like it at first, but I'm sure she doesn't like waking up to a wet bed, either.
She's a beautiful girl, and I'm sure she would like to greet you with her happy hello for a long time yet.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor

From the mom - Molly is such a sweet looking girl. I had a little Sheltie-mix many years ago and when I look at Mollie's face - she reminds me of my Angel Kammie whom I adored and she did me and showed it by running and jumping into my arms. I can just "see" your Molly running with her little sister and brother - having so much fun.

Just a thought - my little Angel Oreo developed incontinence as he got older. I talked to my vet about it and there was medication he prescribed that did help. Maybe Molly would benefit also?
Mom Kim

Lisa Gordon

She has the most beautiful face.

It really is difficult to watch them age, but when they have a good life and are loved, that is the very best.

Finding Pam

Your sweet Molly is adorable. She looks so loving and content. I am praying you find a solution for help for her.


I can totally identify with you on this subject. My Trixie-girl will be 10 April 1st - yes, she's an April's Fool baby. LOL. Hard for me to believe, the way she still loves to play and romp! And she is my heart-dog too.

Molly has the face of an angel, she really does -- I love this photo of her! I hope you have many, many more years with her yet. I've read that borders and aussies often live longer than other breeds. :-)


Molly is a beautiful girl and Im sure she and you folks will have many years together. We have been down the same road you are speaking about with our two girls and eventually found a medication similar to what is used for humans. It was a godsend and allowed our girls to remain in the home without any more issues.

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