Friday, March 22, 2013

My Sweet Molly Girl

I lay my head on your tummy
and look so sweet
and you give me attention. :-)
(soon, my tummy will be getting a lot bigger... just sayin')

© Misty DawnS




She's beautiful Misty!

Leave It To Davis

Okay....WHO's tummy is going to get a lot bigger? YOUR's or your dogs? Are you pregnant?

That Janie Girl


Kay L. Davies

Molly looks like a sweet, darlin' dog.
And whoever's tummy is getting bigger, I hope there's a happy ending!


Mooly looks so sweet, cute shot! Thanks for hosting, Misty!


she's really cute. thanks for hosting!

Charles Letterman

“It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding.” :- ) Just saying

Genie Robinson

What a dear, dear shot for all of us dog lovers. She is beautiful and you photographed her at the perfect moment. genie


Since she's your oldest, I'm guessin' it's not HER belly that's going to be growing. Congratulations! Molly looks completely prepared to help you through the next part of your journey.

Gunilla Bäck

How sweet! Congratulations!


Oh my ..... Her belly or yours? Very exciting either way but I can't wait to hear!


really lets have an online diary

Mama Zen

She's so pretty!


Yep...she's got those puppy dog eyes no one can resist. 8v)


She looks like the most loving dog....

My Camera Critters post is at:

What a sweet shotQ

Gemma Wiseman

What gorgeous expression in those beautiful eyes!

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Are you having puies at your house? Lucky!,, she's a beautiful mom!

Jidhu Jose


Lina Gustina

Beautiful face expression.
I'm also wondering whose tummy will be bigger :)


What a sweet shot!


she has the most wonderful face
those eyes!!

Loredana Donovan

Very sweet dog, thanks for hosting! :)

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