Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tis the Season of Preparation

As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm seriously looking forward to spring.  Yes, I know that spring is 'technically' here, since the first day of spring was yesterday.  However, it's still quite cold here, and we've got a winter storm in the forecast for the weekend.

I look forward to spring for the warmer weather, the longer days, the birds' songs, fishing, and all the photography opportunities.  It's a busy, yet fun and rewarding, time for me because it's the beginning of my photography 'season'... the bugs are coming out, and the critters are starting to move.While I look forward to these things, spring is a busy time around my rural area, as all the farmers are getting their farm machinery ready for crop farming. 

Most everyone around here makes hay, and many also plant soybeans and corn.  So, spring is the time to pull the equipment out of the building, grease the machines, give the tractors a tune up, stock up on supplies, and prepare for the days in the fields.

Soon, in addition to the cicadas and the birds' songs, there will be the sounds of tractors.  There will be lawn mowers and the smell of fress cut grass.  Yes, I'm purposely overlooking the ticks and mosquitos, so just keep that to yourself.  Let's focus on the positive and all the great things that are to be. 

Soon... soon...


Leave It To Davis

Keep this post in front of you so you remember all those good things when the bad comes along, too. :)


I can almost hear the birds singing and smell the first cutting of hay right now. Spring weather cant come soon enough .

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