Saturday, May 11, 2013


Most people teach their dog basic commands. The animal will come when called, sit and stop on command. However, when the animal is allowed outside and will not come when called or totally ignores its master, the time has arrived for the e-collar to be introduced. The collar includes a small receiver, much like a beeper. When the dog is being trained by its owner, a signal goes from the hand-held unit to the beeper on the dog's collar. If the owner just wants to get the dog's attention, a brief vibration will alert the animal to its owner's wishes. If the animal is being difficult, a longer vibration will stop the animal and make it do what the owner wants. The e-collar is designed for small to medium sized dogs with little behavioral problems. There is also available a collar for larger dogs with larger behavioral problems. The animal doesn't get zapped by a Star Wars laser beam, but by a tap from the collar. If the tap is short, the animal knows it's owner wants it. If the tap is longer in duration, the dog knows it's done something wrong and should reverse its position. The units are waterproof. If the dog thinks it can drown the signal, it would be mistaken. Should the dog wander off and not return when called, a longer zap will alert the animal to the problem. A short tap will tell the dog not to swipe the owner's supper off the table.



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