Friday, May 3, 2013

K9 Bootcamp

People are excited when they bring a new dog into their family, but sometimes the pup is in need of some serious training in order to work well with you in your home. K-9 Companions offers many dog training courses but are probably best known for their K9 Bootcamp. Your pooch must leave your home and stay with the K-9 Companions for two to four weeks in order to get the proper training they need. Trainers have either a C.T. (certified dog trainer) or a C.M.T. (certified master dog trainer) certification and they use positive reinforcement when training your beloved pet. Socialization with other people and dogs is an added bonus as your dog will train daily among several other dogs and will have multiple trainers so they don’t bond to any one person. This will be helpful should you want to take your pet to the dog parks after their training. When you come back to pick up your pooch, you will get a demonstration of all they’ve learned, without them knowing you’re there. K-9 Companions offer several additional ongoing support lessons at their facilities that you can take at no extra charge during the year that follows Bootcamp. After camp your dog should be well mannered and able to do things such as stop at curbs and not run in the street, stop at doors and gates, and know to come in and settle down in their ‘place’ as to not bother you while you work in the house.



What a great idea! When the time comes for us to have another I'll look into this and hope they have one in our area. Thanks Misty and have a great weekend!

Kay L. Davies

I really enjoyed reading about K9 Bootcamp, Misty, and kept clicking to other links, until I found I'd been reading for about an hour!
Fabulous information.

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