Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adding a Country Touch

Adding a country touch to your bedroom can mean a lot of things. Do you mean French country, cottage by the beach, or cabin in the woods? Each of these looks plus old world style can get you some very different looks. Shabby chic could also be considered a country theme as well. Evaluate your current furniture pieces to see if they will go with your country theme. Most solid wood furniture will either go with the theme or won't take much time to alter. Anything that is too modern or contemporary with metal may not be suitable. Consider shopping at the local thrift store to add the right country pieces you love. Change out the bed linens, and paint your walls a warm color. Consider floral wallpaper as well.

The country theme can get noticed best through artwork, bed linens, and changing out the quilt. A duvet could also change the look enough as well. Depending on the type of country look you want, choose colors and styles for the linens, quilt, and artwork. Farm animals like chickens will go with French country. Floral patterns will go with old-world and cabin looks. Pastels will look great for the cottage by the beach and shabby chic styles. No matter what you are going for, patchwork quilts can go with all of these country looks. Visit for more information.


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