Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rugged Wings

© Misty DawnS

Rugged Wings

The other day a butterfly
came and lit upon my hand.
I was so very honored
by where it chose to land.
Its wings were rough and rugged.
Its struggles to the eye were clear.
As I stared upon it,
words whispered in my ear.
Yes, I faced some challenge
but don't feel sorry for me.
For these wings have taken me further
than the worm I used to be.

~ Misty DawnS

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Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Hi Mist Great shots lovely poem to go with it.

Kay L. Davies

I'm sure you understood him perfectly, Misty. At least it sure sounds like it to me.

Kerri Farley

LOVE the words and the pic!!

Tamar SB

Wow, what a capture!


Hi Misty!! That's a beautiful shot, and I really enjoyed the poem too!!


I like your poem very much.

Kim Cunningham

You sure do find such lovely butterflies! Gorgeous creature!


So lovely!


You are SO talented!


thansk for sharing the butterfly and the poem. Love it. :)


Great shot, Misty, and I love your poem!

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