Friday, August 9, 2013

Yearly Tenant

Every year...
same spot...
same time...
reminds me of the movie "Groundhog Day"
© Misty DawnS



Kay L. Davies

If you don't see this guy until August, he's too late to predict Spring, but it's nice that he's regular. Rather cute, in a woodchuck kinda way.

Margaret Adamson

That guy means business in your shot!


Cute shot, Misty! I can see one in my yard yard everyday! Have a happy weekend and thanks for hosting.

BTW, I linked up your blog as one of my favorites this week, I hope you do not mind.




great to see

A great sighting. He's pretty cute!


He's cute. Does he tell the weather, too?!!! Thanks for hosting!

Great photo of one our 'furry' characters! Thanks, carol xo

Gunilla Bäck

Cute little visitor.


Your marmots look a lot different from the marmots here. In either case, they are so ugly, they are cute.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Cute little guy -- I wouldn't mind seeing him over and over and over!

Jidhu Jose

looks cute


Wonder how much wood he can chuck!
How funny he shows up every year at the same time. We have a woodpecker that does that. Same telephone pole every year, pecking away at the same spot. Crazy!

Lina Gustina

Cute one. Great shot!

Charles Letterman

Whats his name? Chuck?

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