Saturday, March 15, 2014

Planning a Comeback

I do have every intention on coming back to blogging.  A few things have caused me to take a short break...

1.  A long, cold, never-ending winter
2.  Some big events at my day job, which have required my attention and caused some stress and exhaustion
3.  The most important reason...

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Since I had to return to work full time (and then do my second job when I get home), there's nothing more important than spending every minute of the rest of my 'at-home' time with this sweetheart!  Seriously... I find myself wondering how life ever had meaning before her. ;-)

When I do return to blogging, I will, of course, still be posting nature photography.  But, as you probably guessed, my blog will take on another angle too, since I'm now a mommy.  There will be posts about my precious miracle girl, mommy reviews, and thoughts on being 'older parents'.

But, don't worry - there will still be LOTS of nature photography, as I can't wait to share my love of nature with my girl. :-)



#3 is the best reason in the world :)


She is a doll!


She is so adorable Misty!

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