Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Taped Tuesday: Sleep Jumping

Taped Tuesday... yeah, I came up with that all on my own. I'm clever like that. O.K., so maybe it's 'corny clever'; that is a talent which comes with sleep deprivation. So, anywho... for Taped Tuesday, I give you my sleep jumping baby. This girl LOVES that jumper to the point she jumps in her sleep. Must... keep... jumping...

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So adorable!


Very cute :)

Hootin' Anni

LOL....this is priceless!!! And such a doll....I'm sure I need not tell you that you're a proud mama.

Love 'er to bits for me!!


Oh my - how totally adorable!


hehehe, why do children fight slepp....it is indeed wonderful!!

we don't realize that, until it's too darn late!!!

she is adorable!!!

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