Monday, June 22, 2015

Baby Proofing Table Edge Protector Review

When presented with the opportunity to try out some table edge protectors (, I jumped at the chance.  Ironically, some of my family had just visited us, and as we were sitting at our new patio table, we noticed how my daughter is just at the right height to hit her head on the corner of the table.

We cut the bumper guard into four equal pieces to apply it to each corner of the table.  The guard is very thick and cushioned the corners nicely, and there are several colors available, so your furniture doesn't look tacky.

Unfortunately, the double-sided tape which comes with it wasn't strong enough to hold the guard in place.  It was explained to me that the manufacturer tried to find just the right strength of tape to keep it in place yet not cause damage when the guard was removed.

For our purposes, I will be purchasing stronger tape to keep the guard in place on our outdoor patio table.  This product will allow me to relax and enjoy time out on the deck with my daughter. 

I was lucky enough to receive 6.5 ft. of Elf Star extra thick table edge protectors in exchange for a review containing my honest opinion of the product.#babyedgebumper



That sounds like a good product to have if you have a toddler, which you do. =)

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