Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Winches are Useful Tools

With all the rain we've had this year, we can definitely relate to vehicles and equipment getting stuck in the mud like mentioned in the article below!  

Winches serve multiple purposes including helping to get a vehicle that is stuck in rocks, mud, or sand back on the road. Winches can be made of different materials, such as metals and synthetic lines of rope. A winch can be used by taking the rope or synthetic line, unwinding it from a spool that is connected to the vehicle, and then attaching it to a large boulder or to a tree. The tree or boulder is used as leverage, and the vehicle can be pulled out of a jam. In some instances, a winch can also be used as a tool to forge across muddy waters.

Determining a Good Strength for a Winch

It can be a challenge deciding how strong of a winch a person will need. One factor that should be taken into consideration is the function of the off-road vehicle that is being used as well at its weight. That way, the winch can best match the functionality and the expectations that a person has for the off-road vehicle.

When it comes to size, it is ill-advised to purchase a 12,000 pound winch for a 12,000 pound vehicle. This is because if an off-road vehicle is stuck in the mud, it’s going to weigh more than 12,000 pounds. It is a good rule of thumb to purchase a winch from a retailer like Side By Side Stuff for example that exceeds the maximum weight of the vehicle by at least 50 percent. So if a person has a 10,000 pound vehicle, it would be a good idea to purchase a 15,000 pound winch.

Using Winches Safely

It is recommended that a heavy jacket, blanket, or some other weight be placed in the middle of the winch line when pulling a vehicle. The reason for this is that if the winch line were to snap, the force of the cable that is out of control may be enough to cause severe injury. However, if a weight is placed in the middle of the cable, some of the energy from the cable is distributed to the ground, making it safer for everyone around. It is also recommended that a person wear proper safety items, such as gloves and a leather jacket when working with a winch.

Winches are very useful tools that any serious off-road enthusiast would want to have in their arsenal. When used properly, they add fun and safety to any off-road experience.


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