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Rock Climbing - Labyrinth and Lemon Squeeze

Labyrinth and Lemon Squeeze

For rock climbers, finding unique, challenging climbs can sometimes be difficult. One of the best, according to advanced climbers is Labyrinth and Lemon Squeeze, located on the grounds of Mohonk Mountain House. The entire trip from parking to finishing the climb takes about four hours with a total ascent of 973 feet and a maximum elevation of 1,617 feet above sea level.

Difficulty of Climb

Climbers have ranked the Labyrinth and Lemon Squeeze climbs at nine out of ten. Climbers must squeeze between rocks, climb ladders and scramble on rocks. There is also a four-mile round trip walk between the parking lot and the Labyrinth. Weather in the early spring or late fall may cause the area to be closed, so it is important to check before visiting. Climbing through the Labyrinth is slow, so it is often recommended that climbers visit during the week when visitors are minimal to avoid being pressured into going too fast.

Benefits of Climb

Although the climb is difficult, the views are incredible. After wedging between rock formations and feeling like a human lemon as they squeeze through, climbers exit onto a ledge with views of the Mohonk Preserve and beyond. Behind them is the Sky Tip Tower which can be climbed as well, providing even more stunning views.

Tips for Climbers

There are some helpful tips for those who intend to climb Labyrinth and Lemon Squeeze. In the parking lot, climbers will find the trail behind the bathrooms, heading toward the right. There may not be trail signs, but a map is provided at the entrance that explains more about the trail, which is known as the Huguenot Trail. This trail dead-ends at Whitney Road and it is recommended that hikers and climbers remain on the walk path as the paved road may be too dangerous for walkers. There is a picnic area along the trail and a gazebo where climbers can relax for a moment before continuing the hike. Talman Seat is the first location to offer amazing views of the countryside, but there are far more farther up the trail and after the climb. The trail also offers excellent views of the Mohonk Mountain House and grounds.


There is a plaque that explains that the Labyrinth is a deep, narrow crack or fissure in the face of a rock cliff. Climbers ascend through a series of narrow ladders and it should only be attempted by those in excellent physical condition. It takes about 40 minutes to navigate the Labyrinth. The views at the top are stunning, but there is more to see further up the trail for those who are experienced climbers as the Lemon Squeeze is just past the top of the Labyrinth.

Experienced climbers will enjoy the challenge of the Labyrinth and Lemon Squeeze, Many of them consider the formations to be some of the best Mohonk Mountain House gifts as the photos and memories of the spectacular views are better than any souvenir purchased while visiting the area.


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