Friday, October 16, 2015

DIY: Stuffing Your Own Cushions

6 Steps for Stuffing Your Own Cushions

You don't have to visit a department store or upholstery specialist every time you want a new cushion. Use these six tips to stuff your own cushions at home!

1. Ready Your Cover

If you've de-foamed or un-stuffed an existing cushion, you'll want to wash, iron and patch the cover as necessary. If you've stitched a brand new cover from scratch, make sure you double-check the seams to make sure they can withstand the pressure you're about to put on them.

2. Fold Your Cover

To insert your new cushions or foam, fold your cover lengthwise and facing up. Not only will this give you an adequate amount of room to maneuver the stuffing in, but it's also a prime position for detecting any resistance, which can be a sign that you've measured something wrong.

3. Work the Stuffing Inside

As previously mentioned, your stuffing materials shouldn't face any resistance going in. A little tightness is normal, but if you're having to wrestle it or contort your cover in strange ways to make it work, your stuffing isn't properly fitted and you'll need to start the project over.

4. Smooth the Cover

If your cushion has been properly fitted, your cover should be nice and smooth once the stuffing is entirely in place. There shouldn't be any bumps, wrinkles or rough edges. You may have to adjust it a little to make it perfect.

5. Close the Cover

Many covers come with a zipper. Others may require you to stitch the last corner by hand. The "hows" don't really matter as long as you remember to close the cover in the first place. You don't want to leave your stuffing hanging out of one side!

6. Maintain Your Cushion

Your work isn't finished just because the project itself is over. Now that you've made a cushion, it's time to maintain it. Keep it clean; keep it dry; be on the lookout for any signs of damage or deflation. If you can catch a small problem before it turns into a big one, you'll save yourself a lot of headache later.

These are just a few tips for stuffing your own cushions. For even more information, check out a site like The Foam Factory ( They have everything from product ordering to how-to guides to help you with all of your cushioning needs!



I've made new cushions using calico fabrics when I found them on sale, Misty. However, I never bother with zippers. I create an "envelope" by tucking in the longer (intentionally left) then folding over the "pocket"...easy to remove for washing and changing with the seasons...:)JP

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