Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lasting impressions

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You ever had a time when someone did something extremely kind for you, yet you were so caught up in the moment that you didn't even get the person's name, so you could let him know how much you appreciated it?
When Calli and I flew back to Ohio recently, we encountered a bit of a mess. Our first flight was delayed by over an hour, which caused us to miss our connecting flight. Therefore, we ended up hanging out in the Chicago airport for many hours waiting for the next flight. Calli was outstanding. I, on the other hand, was stressed. I'm not a fan of strange, crowded places. When we were finally able to get a flight from Chicago to Ohio, we sat across the aisle from a wonderful, considerate man. He talked to Calli and kept her occupied while we waited... right up until she fell asleep LOL. Then, when we were exiting the plane, he was kind enough to block the aisle, so I could get our bags out of the overhead and get Calli and me off the plane. When we stepped out of the plane, I discovered there was no 'tunnel' like I was used to. Instead, we had to go down several steps to the pavement. I had a heavy bag over each shoulder and was holding Calli's hand. As we started down the first step, I felt my bags being pulled. I discovered our friend from across the aisle was lifting the bags off my shoulders. He told me to focus on getting my more precious cargo down the steps. He then stood with us outside while we waited for them to bring Calli's stroller around. When he saw them wheeling the bags, etc. toward us, he walked away from the group, got Calli's stroller, brought it back to us and told us he hoped we had a wonderful visit at 'home'.
I was so focused and hurried (and stressed) that I never even thought to ask his name! I, of course, told him thank you, but now, that doesn't seem like enough. I wish I had more time, or had bothered to ask his name, so I could extend my sincere gratitude to him and let him know that his kindness left a lasting impression, and that it's comforting to know there are still considerate people, such as him.


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He was an angle in disguise and was happy to help you.

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