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Gloves for Working in the Cold

Blue Collar Workers and Cold Weather

You work with your hands for a living, and sometimes you have to work with your hands in the freezing cold. A good pair of winter work gloves keeps your hands safe and allows you to keep earning a living. Learn why you should get the best gloves you can find for working in the cold weather.

Importance of Gloves

When you work with heavy machinery, you need to be able to grip and manage powered tools. If your hands are too cold, you will lose the strength and speed you need to work safely. This puts you at a greater risk of an accident. Keeping your hands warm also keeps your fingers nimble and allows you to manipulate smaller tools for more intricate work.

Grabbing ahold of the cold metal of tools and equipment with your bare hands can also damage your health. Heat from your body escapes through the exposed skin of your hands. When your core temperature drops, you are at risk for hypothermia. If the layers of the skin on your hands freeze, you will experience frostbite. While always unpleasant, in extreme situations these conditions can even become life threatening. Your gloves help you avoid these consequences.

Selecting Gloves

The gloves you wear should be comfortable to work in but also effective at protecting against the cold. They should be durable but not impede your ability to move your fingers. Look for gloves with an outer layer that blocks the wind, water and ice you may encounter as you work. The inner thermal layer should provide plenty of warmth. Some workers put on a lighter knit glove beneath their work glove to further insulate their hands. Try out a variety of styles to get an idea of what works best for your specific needs.

Maintaining Your Gloves

While your gloves are durable enough to last through a working day, eventually every pair will wear out with enough use. Inspect them regularly for holes, tears or worn spots. If the seams are starting to come apart or if the material has been worn through, it is time to swap them out with a fresh pair. It is wise to keep more than one set with you so that you are prepared should your current gloves suddenly rip or need replacing.

When you make your living with your hands, do everything you can to protect them. Wearing a good set of gloves in cold weather helps to keep your hands strong while preventing hypothermia and frostbite. Choose a pair of gloves that allow you to get your work safely, and keep an extra set for emergencies.

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