Sunday, August 28, 2016

Healthy Joints for Horses

Guard the Health of Your Horse

People have horses because they enjoy riding them, but many equines also fill the category of a very large pet. Horse owners everywhere know the value of their animals, and they are very aware how much a serious health issue would affect them. Veterinary fees can pile up in a hurry when a horse needs treatment for an illness or injury, so wise owners take care to prevent problems before they arise.

The nutritional needs of a horse go far beyond good quality hay and oats, especially now that overworked soil can be seriously lacking in key nutrients. There is a wide variety of horse rations on the market today, and horse owners are able to fulfill most of the nutritional needs of their valuable animal through their daily rations. While This type of feeding schedule works well for the average horse still in the prime of life, older animals often need a more specific joint supplement for horses. Horse Guard is one of the various companies that offers a wide selection of special feeds and supplements that provide the specific nutritional needs of mature horses.

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments that causes lameness in horses who have been used for showing and areas demanding high performance. Most owners and trainers are aware of the problem, and they take precautions to avoid damaging the joints and tendons of their horses during these activities. Unfortunately, the damage does occur gradually over time until a highly talented performance horse will eventually develop stiff and painful joints. Pain medication will help for some time but early retirement is often the only option for these animals.

Prevention of joint problems before the damage is done is always a wise choice for horse owners. In addition to working equine athletes judiciously to prevent joint and tendon problems, horses should be fed a supplement that supports and lubricates their joints. Glucosamine HCL and Hyalauronic Acid are compounds that increase joint lubrication, and are considered two of the most effective ingredients in many joint supplements. This is truly a situation that merits the phrase "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".


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