Thursday, August 2, 2018

Avoid Timeshare Traps

For anyone who’s ever sat through a sales presentation by a timeshare salesperson, you know how polished these talks can be. Timeshare presentations are usually held in the resort complex that is selling units, and they are usually located in a fabulous vacation spot like Las Vegas, Hawaii or in the Disneyworld area in Orlando. The idea of timeshare ownership is absolutely heaven on earth, if these polished sales pitches are to be believed. Potential owners are told they'll have access to their incredible property at a moment's notice and that their investment is sure to skyrocket over time. The owner will pay just a share in the property, and then have access to those amazing vacations in that gorgeous spot for a minimal price. Sounds perfect, right? So what could possibly go wrong?

The Problem With Owning a Timeshare

While owning a timeshare sounds ideal, the reality is that owners often feel frustrated in that their condo is frequently booked up during vacation times, and they have limited access. Often a family finds that once their children get older, they don't need to use the property frequently enough to make it worthwhile. Yet even if they use the property rarely, they still have to pay maintenance and other fees, which can be hefty. All of this drives many owners to want to sell, but when they want to say "go away timeshare," they find the legal wording of their contracts leaves them stuck. This is why today many owners seek out help from timeshare legal consulting agencies. These agencies have formed due to the many problems owners have faced in selling their timeshares.

Sure, having the perfect vacation get away sounds fantastic, but no one should be stuck in a contract that’s worded in a way that’s purposefully confusing. If you need help getting out of timeshare ownership, get help today!


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